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you can be as successful in love as you are in life


HI;-) I’m Laura Lee Wood- Certified Dating Expert, Relationship Coach and Certified MatchmakeR

I’m a sweet-as-pie-but-tough-as-nails coach who teaches high-achievers like you how to create remarkable relationships and lasting loveeven if you’ve been burnt before, always seem to attract the wrong partners or feel jaded by today’s casual dating scene.

Basically? I’m on a one-woman mission to redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, so smart, sexy singles (and couples) can finally have the relationships they long for, built on mutual respect, quality communication, deep connection and real intimacy.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re...

  • Attracting all the wrong relationships–ones that drain and exhaust you (even though in every other case, you consider yourself a fine judge of character)...

  • Feeling frustrated, confused, and disrespected by casual dating culture. Was s/he just using you or did they truly care?

  • Confused about whether you're actually in a relationship–or just “hooking up” 

  • Questioning whether to follow the so-called modern dating rules–or your own heart

  • Worried that dating is a total waste of time, money, and energy

  • Questioning whether you’re the problem–maybe you’re too complicated or complex

  • Struggling to let others (or yourself) be perfectly imperfect

  • Scared to open up to love again after a string of bad breakups or hefty heartbreaks

  • Battling with slowing down your high-achieving drive on dates (‘cause you want it all and you want it  yesterday!)

  • Doubting that you can attract a partner who you respect as an "equal"–and who respects you back

  • Craving more chemistry, sparks, and passion in your life–but don’t know how to get it

  • Dread going through another breakup and healing another broken heart

...If you still secretly desire a real, remarkable relationship, I can help.


See, here’s what I know:

You can look wildly successful on the outside, but struggle deeply with matters of the hearT.

It's so easy to: 

  • Let yourself get caught up in work and close yourself off to love.

  • Feel unlovable, broken and deeply hurt after receiving rejection after rejection–either online, off, or through various breakups.

  • Become disconnected from your current partner if you're not consistently putting effort in.

And today’s modern dating scene–with its laissez-faire “rules”–doesn’t make it any easier.

Let’s talk about modern dating for a moment, shall we? 

I’ve seen it over and over again working with my clients. So many smart, sexy, successful men and women truly want to find love but get so fed up with today’s shallow dating scene that they completely take themselves out of the game. It breaks my heart. But the truth is, it’s not really their fault.

Somewhere along the line, we as a society lost our way when it comes to dating, COMMITMENT and lasting love.

  • We went from asking permission for someone’s hand in marriage to asking for late night “pics.”

  • We went from swapping long stories about who we are and what we believe about life over hour-long dinner dates to swapping quick “How are you’s?” over impromptu coffees and happy hours.

  • We went from dating for marriage to dating for ‘fun.’


But while times are constantly a-changing… I believe the “rules” for quality relationships never have.

Because when you have the basics like…
– Clarity on what you want in a partner
– Connection that’s based on trust and respect
– Communication that’s honest and open
– Commitment (aka an exclusive relationship based on mutual desire)
– Courtship, so intentions are clear from the very first date
...Relationships don’t just work–they become remarkable.

Which means even in a society all about swiping, “Netflix & chill,” and hanging out & hooking up, there’s still hope for lasting love, if you’re willing to change how you play the game. (And maybe we stop using that term altogether!)

So, whether you’re single and over it, simply sick of “swiping right”, or ready to find “The Forever One”...  I see you. I get you. And I’d be honored to guide you. I care deeply about this work because I get it– intimately.

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this is my JOURNEY to love... 

Over the last 17 years, I’ve learned everything there is to learn about love–from studying to earn a psychology degree to devouring "Undefended Love" (and every other book on love, relationships, attachment, and love languages you can name) to racking up four different certifications. I’ve worked as a featured dating and relationships expert on almost a dozen podcasts, several international coaching programs, local newspaper publications, and a regulator contributor to the DreamsRecycled online community. 

And I bring all my knowledge on relationship dynamics to the table to help my clients heal, date and do love differently. But I’m not just “book smart” on the subject–I’m living it, just like you.

As a once-married, now-single and forever-high-achieving woman myself, I know what it’s like to date in 2018.  I know all about grey zones, swiping right and what it actually means to “Netflix and chill.”

I know the struggles and demands of balancing a successful career and a love life.  And I understand what it takes to create space for the love, companionship and intimacy we deeply desire. And I know it isn’t always easy–due to our responsibilities, today’s culture and sometimes, our  own pasts. Speaking of the past, the truth is, mine hasn’t exactly been a fairytale. 

Over the last few years, I’ve transformed from a soul-broken lawyer who was barely able to love to living a life with a totally open heart. 

But... not so long ago (in a place not so far away), I was an expert at compartmentalizing my head and my heart. 

Yep. Just two years ago, I was a highly-respected lawyer whose life looked pristine and perfect on the outside. But inside, I was cut off from my intuition. And on the outside, I simply couldn’t connect on a real level with others. Yep, I looked fabulous on paper, but inside, I was as disconnected as you could get. 

Now, the disconnection didn’t happen overnight. But every time I stepped into the courtroom and heard the clickety-clack of my own heels, I switched my emotions off and my logical lawyer brain on.  Then, when my 10-year marriage ended in a heart-wrenching divorce, things got worse. I decided the courtroom was safer than the bedroom, buried my head in my work, and apparently (but unconsciously) vowed to keep my heart and my head completely separated.

As a result, I watched years roll by rarely experiencing true joy or happiness.

I struggled to feel truly connected in my friendships and intimate relationships. I had zero clue how to allow myself to be vulnerable–with anyone. I was no longer in touch with my intuition and worse, struggled to connect on a deep emotional level with basically everyone, not just in romantic relationships.


Until one fateful day that changed everything…

One day in December, my son’s teacher told me that when she passed out holiday party forms, my son immediately said, "Oh no, my mom won't be here.” My son knew I would be in a courtroom and not his classroom–and he was right. The trade-off suddenly seemed overwhelmingly unfair, and this simple conversation felt worse than any broken heart. My soul was broken. 

Suddenly, working hard and collecting accolades was not enough anymore.  My career didn't love me back–but my son did. And I felt like I was letting him down big time. I knew I couldn’t continue to put courtroom cases before love–of any kind.

I was ready to make major changes so I could love deeply again and feel connected to the people who mattered most. I craved more intimacy and deeper connections.

So, I did what no one expected and sauntered away in my 6-inch heels, never to return. 

I left the “perfect” (on paper) career, hired my own coach, and immediately started to learn a fresh, new way to experience and perceive life–and love.

With distance from the courtroom and learning to live my life by my own rules, I was able to drop my guard, stop being so private and also stop expecting perfection from myself–and others.  

I learned how to open myself up to loving my imperfect life–and also to wholeheartedly falling in love again. 

Within a few short months, I went from high-achieving attorney to love coach, focusing on dating for divorced women.

But there’s more, my loves. Because dating itself? It wasn’t easy, even as a love coach. ‘Cause when I strolled back into the dating scene in 2015, dating was–well–different. (I hadn’t dated in over 14  years, mind you!)  Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid! made the whole scene 1000x more complicated.

The silver lining? I really ‘got’ my clients because I was playing the game right alongside them.

I understood why they were riddled with frustration, disappointment and deeply confused by all the so-called modern dating “rules.”  I got why they constantly felt disrespected, struggled to understand the status of their relationship and generally felt defeated by the dating process. I hated that most of these incredible men and women were forever worried they could easily be replaced–with a literal click of a button!–and as a result, felt lonelier than ever.


I saw in my clients what I had seen in myself: a deep disconnection from themselves and a deep distrust of others.

Luckily, because I’d enjoyed a very classic courtship before my first marriage–I’m talking real dates, romance, falling madly in love, knee on the ground with diamond in hand and all–so I knew there was a more respectful way of dating. And I knew I wouldn’t settle for anything less. I also knew my clients didn’t need to settle for less either.

That’s when redefining romance and teaching the time-tested courtship principles became my obsession. I knew that in order for my clients to finally open up to love again, they had to (pardon my French) "screw the new rules.” So, my coaching transformed from “just for divorcees” to “for any successful man or woman looking for lasting love.”

I began teaching these sexy, smart and successful women (and men) the principles of courtship–and it worked. 

My clients have seen incredible results like finally experiencing the true intimacy and deeper connections they craved, healing their scarred hearts and finally feeling confident that they are deserving and worthy of lasting love and remarkable relationships.  

I took my life back, and I continue to center my own life around love, intimacy and true connection. I allow myself to be seen. I allow others to be seen by me. I adore my life and adore helping my high-achieving clients do the same, so they can create the remarkable relationships they’ve always longed for. 

I believe wholeheartedly in successful, lasting love–for everyone.

So lean in, my dear reader, because here’s what I want to leave you with: 

The way you experience relationships has the power to change the way you experience life.

And I promise you, that even in a world where we can match with seemingly unlimited people online and where incredible single men and women come to me frustrated, lonely and feeling easily replaced… Lasting love and lifelong romance are possible. For you, for me, for every single one of us.

So: Are you ready to learn how to create your own remarkable relationship?

Then, I’m ready to teach you. Let’s get started. Learn more about coaching programs designed for high-achieving singles (and couples) by clicking the image below.

XOXO, Laura Lee Wood

I help smart, successful singles find “The One” to love -and do life with- forever.

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"In the first conversation with Laura, it was clear why I wanted to work with her... Her energy, charisma, wisdom, passion, strong guidance, gentle accountability, deeper awareness, and love for others!!! The biggest result I have experienced while coaching with Laura is PERSPECTIVE... Openness to my heart's desires has opened growth in every area of my life." Valerie

"Laura asks really good questions and gets me thinking in a new way so we can tackle particularly sensitive issues. Her coaching provides an interesting perspective and helps me to see different views other than mine so I can get unstuck. While working with Laura, I have had breakthroughs and discoveries about myself that I didn't realize were there. The process of moving past these issues with Laura's guidance has been extremely helpful. Her coaching has helped me immensely!" Wendy

Laura has a wonderful openness about her and is so easy to talk to. I could tell she really wanted to understand my situation and was full of such passion to help. Through working with Laura, I discovered what was truly hoping me back from moving past my divorce. My eyes were opened to what I need to work on to move forward for myself and my dating life. I know the detailed traits I want in a partner, and I see my own potential, too. Thanks to Laura, I’m taking the baby steps I need to take to become the me I want to be!” Erin

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