What "Single and Over It" Really Means

"Single and Over It" is a new group program that I recently opened for enrollment. And, as I was preparing for the first coaching call and putting the final touches on my module workbooks, I had one of those moments where suddenly the bigger picture was revealed. Like a moment of clarity. A sense of intuitive guidance from within. A fresh perspective. Renewed focus.

Let me explain... Being single and over it isn't just about finding “The One” to love and do life with forever

It's about so much more than that. When a woman knows she is ready to call in love, there's a shifting that occurs in how she views the world around her with abundant opportunities, what a fulfilling relationship means to her, how she defines her heart's deepest desires for love, and how she nourishes her soul on the journey to find love.

You see... The journey is as much about who you become and the permission you give yourself as it is about creating new opportunities to meet like-minded singles. More love for yourself and deep gratitude. Even when you haven't met The One, you can still create the experience of what it would feel like to be loved for all of who you are now and who you are becoming. Loved for your imperfections.

The real question is whether you're ready to fully step into claiming that you deserve and are worthy of forever love and a truly remarkable relationship. This is exactly why the very first session with a client is focused on healing from the past because it's the old stuff that's weighing you down and creating doubt that you can find lasting love.

There's this distinct phase of being single and over it for women who have healed and are now living and loving with an open heart.

The best way to describe this is that a woman becomes radiant- glowing from inside out. And, it's not just me that can see it... Women report to me that are being noticed by men everywhere they go. Men can see confidence in the way you move your body and in how you communicate. Men respect an assertive woman who doesn't settle for less than what she desires to create in love and in life. Men will happily plan a date when you insist on courtship and he will honor you for setting the standard.

XOXO, Laura Lee Wood

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Laura Wood