Swipe Right for Mr. Right

Are you doubting that you'll actually find your forever love using online dating? If so, that's precisely what's keeping you from finding him. I invite you to approach online dating using a new way of thinking. And, believing that you can find a remarkable man to love -and do life with- forever. Despite what you may think, Mr. Right may only be a swipe away...   

I've spoken to a number of singles lately who are using online dating but are really doubting that they can find the kind of forever love they desire using a dating app. I totally get the feelings of doubt as well as struggle to believe that you can meet your soulmate using online dating. I intimately understand the awkward feelings of explaining how you met online, especially to older generations.

But, I've never spoken with a couple who met using online dating who ever regretted how they met. In fact, it's the exact opposite- they are grateful for the swipe right and how it brought them together. They are in celebration and gratitude for online dating having been the way they first met. The reason they shared a first kiss. The reason they are celebrating love and a lifetime of joy together. 

I bet if you sat down and counted the number of your friends who have gotten married in the last five years that a large percentage of them met initially through online dating. We doubt online dating's success rate for ourselves even though we have plenty of friends who are happily dating someone they met simply by swiping right.

I say this with love... this doubting is what's getting in the way of YOU sharing more of who you are as a successful single woman, what you love about your life, and your desire to meet an incredible man to love -and do life with- forever.

Your doubts show up in your confidence level (or lack of), how you connect emotionally, and how you communicate. And, they impact whether you get to an actual first date in person and how you secure a second date when you're interested and intrigued.

You are worthy of a remarkable love. You can create as much success in love as you have in life and it starts with your online dating profile.  

I truly believe that if you're ready to meet your soulmate, then online dating is a great way to meet other singles that you might not have otherwise crossed paths with in your daily life. In fact, I help all of my clients take a deeper look into how they are presenting themselves online, their attitude about their matches, and how they create deeper connections that lead to actual dates in person.

What if you really believed you could attract the love of your life by swiping right? This simple shift in your thinking has the power to transform the way you present yourself, your openness to finding forever, and your ability to receive the love you’re looking for.    

This is the time of the year where we celebrate and express deep appreciation for the relationships in our lives. With a heart of gratitude, love, and in the spirit of celebration, I've decided to offer a special type of "Swipe Right for Mr. Right" session for successful single women who feel like the one thing missing from life is the one thing they desire the most… the forever kind of LOVE. The purpose of these sessions are to take a deeper look at the real reasons why online dating isn’t helping you find forever love and the number one thing you can do differently today to start attracting the kind of man you could spend your life with. Is this you?


Swipe Right for Mr. Right

Exclusive, Limited Time Sessions

If you are…  

  • Single and over it! 

  • Clear on your desires for a lasting relationship

  • Ready to find forever love with a remarkable man

  • Using online dating and desire higher quality matches

  • Willing to make a time investment to find your last "first kiss" 

  • Open to learning how to create a deeper connection using courtship

  • Understand that you have the power to transform your relationships and your life

  • Tired of feeling stuck in cycle of wasting time, money, and energy with casual dating (AMEN!)

Then, the “Swipe Right for Mr. Right” session is for YOU.

If you're ready to claim one of these sessions as yours, schedule your private call and complete the short application below. There are only 10 spots open for this exclusive opportunity over the next few days. At the end of our session, if it appears that coaching would be a good fit for your vision and desires, we can discuss working together. Are you ready?

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XOXO, Lawyer-Turned-Love-Coach Laura Wood