Laura Lee Wood

Three Exclusive Coaching Packages designed for successful women


Client Love Stories

“laura sees what most us can't or won't and brings light to it! she’s a force to be reckoned with- in the best way."

“Laura sees what most us can't or won't and brings light to it! she’s a force to be reckoned with- in the best way.” Jessica

“Laura knows women. And, she knows men- and, actually understands them. you need laura as your coach.” Sarah

"I met a remarkable man...I am forever grateful". Katie

"Laura’s energy, charisma, wisdom, passion were clear from our very first conversation.”"The biggest result I have experienced while coaching with Laura is PERSPECTIVE... Openness to my heart's desires has opened growth in every area of my life." Valerie




Laura Lee Wood is a  certified dating expert,  relationship coach, and certified  matchmaker who helps sexy, smart, successful singles (and couples) create remarkable relationships and redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, one real date at a time.

A lawyer-turned-love-coach with Southern charm (and a tough-as-nails-yet-sweet-as-pie approach to coaching), Laura practiced law for over a decade before she made the transition  into dating, love and relationship coaching for high-achievers. Touting a degree in psychology and over 17 years of experience working with various relationship dynamics, Laura serves as a member of the Dreams Recycled divorce coaching team and is also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator who’s able to help clients connect to their desires–in both their professional and personal lives. She’s been a featured as a dating and relationship expert on a wide range of podcasts including men's fashion, courtship, success mindset, divorce recovery, personal transformation and female entrepreneurship, among others. A firm believer that you can have both career success and success in love, her signature program  "The Art of Finding Forever Love” helps sophisticated, high-achieving single women do the deep work required to heal from the past and ind a remarkable man to love -and do life with- forever.

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