How to Set Yourself Free

When It's Time To Let Go To Set Yourself Free

Are you still in love with a man from your past or deeply wounded by a past relationship? Are you hanging on for a miracle that he'll wake up and realize he's madly in love with you and can't live without you?

If you said "YES", I understand intimately what this feels like not only in my head but deep within my heart and soul. And, I know what joy and love are on the other side of healing heartbreak and why it's a necessary part of finding your forever love and creating a remarkable relationship built to last a lifetime. I'd like to share my story of how heartbreak and how it taught me to truly love again. For two years, I was hanging on for a miracle that he'll wake up and realize he's madly in love with me and that he'd come running back ready to make a true commitment to me. And, I never gave up until, he did.

In the end, he didn’t choose me. Even when I knew he could’t give me what I deeply desired, I never gave up. But, the day came when I received a message that he had proposed to another woman. It was unexpected. Yet, it happened…he didn’t choose me. Being the woman not chosen seemed to be a pattern that was repeating in every area of my life and in my relationships. This reality was an incredibly painful realization that ran deep in my history of my past relationships, friendships, and in my relationships with my parents during childhood.

As devastated as I was, when this chapter came to an unexpected ending I felt that in some way I was finally set free. Without him in my life, I could begin healing my broken heart. Without the possibility of seeing him again, I could get back to a place where I was more emotionally available to the single men I dated so I could fully open my heart up to truly loving again.

If you’re like most of the single women I coach, you used to wear your heart on your sleeve...until you had it broken more than once. Now, learning to trust again so you can love with an open heart may feel impossible in this moment, but I assure you that you can find the forever love you so deeply desire with the right guidance, faith in the process of healing, openness to use courtship to create a committed relationship, and by giving yourself permission to let your guard down to receive love again.

And, I made a very conscious choice to face the facts of the loss and ending of one love story even when I couldn’t yet see what miracles were on the other side of healing my own heartbreak. I asked for, prayed for, and prepared to receive miracles of love this year. My love story has certainly been full of plenty of loss and pain and yet still abundantly full of love. When I fully allowed my heart to open back up to love again, I experienced what I can only describe as a miracle of love in my life. And, I am filled with deep gratitude and celebration for the love (and my soulmate) in my life today!

If this story touches your heart and you're ready for healing so you can move on, let's talk about how the “Single and Over It” program can help you take down the walls so you can truly love again. In the very first week, we will cover HEALING THE PAST + digging into what's causing you to fall for the wrong guys, fear getting back into the dating scene, or experiencing the same old patters over and over again in every relationship. No more playing dating games or decoding the mystery of whether a guy is interested in you for the right reasons. This is all about reclaiming your CONFIDENCE.

This why I offer my Virtual Group Coaching Program “Single and Over It” for women. This a simple step-by-step program with a live group coaching experience that I've created with you in mind. Inside you’ll learn the dating skills to find and experience an amazing relationship. Live group coaching has the most success because you receive the support and community you need as well as the guidance from me, your personal Dating & Relationship Coach. I’ll be your personal mentor and cheerleader for love and mindset throughout your dating challenges and successes.

You'll also be connected to a collective community of positive, supportive women just like you. Women with the same goal of finding forever love, who want to have each other's backs to never settle again, and this time around find their life partner, is that what you’re looking for? If you said YES, I can definitely help. And, "Single and Over It" would be the perfect fit for you. The program begins April 28 and will last for six weeks. Don't miss the bonuses for the first 10 founding members who receive a private session with me to jump-start their progress toward healing and finding forever love. Get all of the details using the link below and schedule a call to reserve your spot in the program.

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XOXO, Laura Lee Wood- Dating & Courtship Expert, Global Love Mentor, and Founder of Nashville Wingwoman

Laura Wood