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"I met a remarkable man...I am forever grateful"

“For the first two years after my husband left, I found myself focusing completely on my child and career. I came to Laura because I was seeking a professional opinion on matters that were still lingering and hindering me from my full growth. At the time, I was struggling immensely with guilt and the shattered dream of not being able to provide a family with a mom and a dad in the same home for my child to flourish in. I was also constantly questioning what I could have done differently. I have never battled self-confidence issues, however, the matters of my divorce made me question so much. Throughout our work together, I made some major changes in the way I saw the situation. Laura validated my feelings around a lot of the heaviness I was carrying around from my  past relationship, including infidelity, mental illness and addiction. I was able to “rewrite the story” for myself and my daughter. Because of coaching, I gained confidence and reassurance that is permanent. I had to overcome the "we are not worthy" stage and greatly relied on Laura's coaching. Today, I know we are both worthy of real, lasting love and that our story–and my ex’s demons and issues–do not have to define us. I’ve gained a permanent self confidence and reassurance nothing can shake. But the best part? While working with Laura, I met the most remarkable, patient, understanding man who also came from a previous broken marriage–and today, we’re engaged! Needless to say, I am forever grateful for Laura’s coaching.” (Now happily married to this "Remarkable Man")  – Katie

"Laura sees what most of us can't or won't and she brings it to light"

“Before Laura, my biggest challenges were co-parenting and dating. Not only was I trying to co-parent with someone who simply didn’t want to co-parent,I’d also been single since I divorced and was trying to step back into the dating scene–and it was terrifying! I very much appreciated Laura’s cut to the chase coaching style; she doesn't sugar-coat by any means and it was so helpful. In fact, our sessions didn’t feel like a coaching experience to me; it felt like I was talking with a good friend. Throughout our time together, I gained so much. I discovered that I am beautifully flawed, but not broken. I discovered that I could and should find love again and live life to the fullest. I learned I owe my son the luxury of happiness, instead of him having to worry that I am upset or don't have time for him. With Laura's coaching, I gained so much more confidence when it comes to navigating the current dating culture. I think the best thing about Laura is that genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. She genuinely wants to hear about their progress and their downfalls. She sees what most of us can't or won't–and she brings it to light! Laura is a force to be reckoned with, in the best way!” - Sarah

"I was skeptical about participating in relationship coaching. I didn't know if she would 'get' me and worried I would be judged for my past dating mistakes.  Let me ease your concerns- working with Laura was like having a conversation with a great friend. She helped me identify barriers which have kept me from  getting back out on the romantic playing field. Laura has great tips and insight to help you live your best life! I enjoyed our session so much I bought one for  my best friend. After all, what is better than the gift of (finding) love?!" Kate


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"The biggest result I have experienced while coaching with Laura is PERSPECTIVE... Openness to my heart's desires has opened growth in every area of my life."

“When I came to Laura, I suffered from low self confidence, lack of direction and was very overwhelmed. I wanted a trusted adviser to guide me through the process of rediscovering myself, but I didn’t know where and how to begin. From our very first conversation, Laura’s energy, charisma, wisdom, passion, and love for others was very clear. She brings strong guidance, gentle accountability and deep awareness to every session. Laura helped me find clarity on where I truly want to be and who I truly am, provided daily exercises to help me progress, plus accountability and fast moving results. I felt so supported because we always had an open line of communication and Laura was full of not only support, but rich resources and recommendations. Today, I have a new perspective and openness to my heart’s true desires. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and leveling up that has opened up growth in every area of my life. I can feel my life taking off and it's from the truest place in my heart!  I 'can’t recommend Laura enough!” - Valerie


Client Breakthroughs & Discoveries

"Laura asks really good questions and gets me thinking in a new way so we can tackle particularly sensitive issues. Her coaching provides an interesting perspective and helps me to see different views other than mine so I can get unstuck. While working with Laura, I have had breakthroughs and discoveries about myself that I didn't realize were there. The process of moving past these issues with Laura's guidance has been extremely helpful. Her coaching has helped me immensely!" Wendy
Laura has a wonderful openness about her and is so easy to talk to. I could tell she really wanted to understand my situation and was full of such passion to help. Through working with Laura, I discovered what was truly hoping me back from moving past my divorce. My eyes were opened to what I need to work on to move forward for myself and my dating life. I know the detailed traits I want in a partner, and I see my own potential, too. Thanks to Laura, I’m taking the baby steps I need to take to become the me I want to be!” Erin


Divorce, Dating Anxiety, & Matters of the Heart

“Before Laura, I had issues setting boundaries with my ex and also struggled with dating and feeling confident about how I look and perceive myself. Laura helped me learn how to stick to the boundaries I have set and how to approach dating–when I’m ready. She taught me things to do each day to help move forward and feel free. I now know the exact words to say when sticking to boundaries and my confidence has never been better. Now, I’m finally focused on my own desires and goals–not someone else’s. I feel like everyday I’m moving further past my divorce and into the future I envision!” - Tony

“As a single mom, I worried a lot about my child, balancing my career with family, and of course, had major dating anxiety! But when I started working with Laura, she was able to get right to the heart of the matter. She was able to ask me thought-provoking questions to get me thinking in a new way and always provided an new perspective that helped me see things differently and get  unstuck. Laura taught me that it’s OK to want space and time to heal and take care of myself. I’ve had tons of breakthroughs and discoveries about myself as a result of working with her. She truly has helped me immensely! It has been a breath of fresh air and given me peace of mind knowing I am not alone in all this. ” – Whitney

"Laura’s coaching was instrumental in building the right presence to attract the kind of woman I was looking for. She gave me some great ideas, and took my profiles in new directions; things I never would have considered. The results were immediate, and a dramatic improvement compared to what I was doing without a Wingwoman." Nick

"I asked her to marry me and she said YES!"  Jeff

"Laura's insights, intuition, and knowledge were solid. I appreciated her willingness to challenge me to look at communicating with women from a different perspective. Laura challenged me to use new strategies and methods that would lead women of my stature to have an interest and to be intrigued. Within a very short window of time, I could see a major change in the quantity and high quality of women I was attracting. In fact, I have the best match and I've had in a long time, and I am hopeful she is the love of my life. I have asked her to marry me and she said YES!" (Now happily married to this "Match") Jeff

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Laura Lee Wood is a  certified dating expert,  relationship coach, and certified  matchmaker who helps sexy, smart, successful singles (and couples) create remarkable relationships and redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, one real date at a time.

A lawyer-turned-love-coach with Southern charm (and a tough-as-nails-yet-sweet-as-pie approach to coaching), Laura practiced law for over a decade before she made the transition  into dating, love and relationship coaching for high-achievers. Touting a degree in psychology and over 17 years of experience working with various relationship dynamics, Laura serves as a member of the Dreams Recycled divorce coaching team and is also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator who’s able to help clients connect to their desires–in both their professional and personal lives. She’s been a featured as a dating and relationship expert on a wide range of podcasts including men's fashion, courtship, success mindset, divorce recovery, personal transformation and female entrepreneurship, among others. A firm believer that you can have both career success and success in love, her signature program  "Broken-Hearted to Open-Hearted” helps sophisticated, high-achieving single women do the deep work required to make peace with their pasts and make space in their hearts so they can finally attract quality partners and lasting love. 


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