The Biggest Belief That's Blocking Love

The Secret Belief That You're Unlovable, Too Complicated, or Too Complex and how it’s blocking you from finding forever love

Are you struggling to open yourself up to love after a string of bad breakups? Tell me... Are you secretly convinced you’re unlovable, too complicated or too complex?

If you asked me this question a few years ago, my answer would be YES! So, today I'm sharing my story of how these negative beliefs played out in my personal as well as professional life. Not so long ago (in a place not so far away), I was an expert at compartmentalizing my head and my heart. It was a skill to be admired as a defense attorney and then as a criminal prosecutor responsible for prosecuting violent offenses against children.

Just three years ago, I was a highly-respected lawyer whose life looked pristine and perfect on the outside. And on the outside, I simply couldn’t connect on a real level with others. Yep, I looked fabulous on paper, but inside, I was as disconnected as you could get and I struggled to connect on a deep emotional level with basically everyone, not just in romantic relationships. And, I was incredibly lonely and trusted very few people in my life.

I lost faith in my own intuition, in my judgment, in trusting enough to create deep emotional connections, and in being willing to take the walls down around my heart that stood firm after my marriage failed. Then, a series of dating situations left me feeling like I was too complicated or complex to create a true partnership. I couldn't seem to create an emotional connection or feel any physical chemistry with anyone I matched with online even when I met them in real life for a first date.

"Was I so distant and guarded that I blocked out love and believed I was unlovable?" At that time, I would have said YES!

When my marriage failed, I decided the courtroom was safer than the bedroom, buried my head in my work, and apparently (but unconsciously) vowed to keep my heart and my head completely separated. As a result, I watched years roll by rarely experiencing true joy or happiness. I struggled to feel truly connected in my friendships and intimate relationships. I had zero clue how to allow myself to be vulnerable–with anyone.

With distance from the courtroom and learning to live my life by my own rules, I was able to drop my guard, stop being so private and also stop expecting perfection from myself–and others. I actually learned how to open myself up to loving my imperfect life–and also to wholeheartedly falling in love again.

It's this level of truth and transparency that you'll experience in the "Single and Over It" program for women. In fact, during week three of the program, we will be covering INSTALLING NEW DATING HABITS to understand how to date as an empowered feminine woman who knows she is worthy and deserving of forever love (rather than feeling insecure or worrying about the fear of rejection) while also being assertive about your own desires for and needs within a relationship. Learn how to better balance your pacing in dating and how to keep yourself from becoming obsessed about messages and what they mean as well as understand how to handle his ghosting behaviors (and how to respond to it like a woman who is confident she deserves better). This is all about reclaiming your CONFIDENCE to trust yourself again, to trust others again, and to trust in love again. Finally, trust is essential in allowing yourself to be vulnerable within a relationship and we cover this topic in depth within this program, including such topics as how to explain why your marriage ended without losing power in the conversation or oversharing highly emotional information too early in the relationship.

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XOXO, Laura Lee Wood- Dating & Courtship Expert, Global Love Mentor, and Founder of "Nashville Wingwoman"

Laura Wood