Words You Can't Take Back

Today we are going to take off the happy face and just be REAL. Recently, I have been struggling to plan content for dating because something simply felt off. Well, I knew I was grieving a heartbreak myself but I couldn't figure it out so I started asking all of the men in my life and in my community about their intimate relationships. As a woman and a trained coach, I have learned to trust, listen to, and follow my intuition. So, I did exactly that! So, prepare yourself for this week’s content… It’s going to slam some doors and open new ones.

I began asking and listening to what men were saying or not saying (reading in between the lines just a little) in every conversation. Do you want to know what most of them said? Many responded that they are recently single again and that they aren't really digging the dating game at the moment. Ouch. We gotta figure this one out ASAP. 

When I asked them why the relationship ended, I got answers that seemed like they were the last few words spoken by her before the dreaded literal or figurative door slammed shut... "You never communicate your feelings to me. I never know what you're thinking. I'm in love with you but... And the list never really ends."

What I have been hearing from men lately is that they have experienced doors closing in their intimate relationships that have left them with a whole list of unanswered questions, a little extra baggage, and a dose of dating blues.

Do you remember the last conversation before the door figuratively or literally slammed shut? I DO! And, I am pretty sure you do to, especially if you're still reading at this point. Those words are incredibly powerful and can never really be taken back.

Wingwoman Wisdom: If those statements were her opinion, let her keep them. You do not have to take on every belief she had about you to be true. That's a tricky one and a more advanced concept I cover with my clients. I often ask if what I am hearing a man say is actually true or is something else someone believes to be true about him. See the difference? It takes time... 

Listen in keeping this real and relevant to the single folks, we could all use a communication tune-up in preparation for relationships ahead. We often view the world behind us and see a place of pain. There's no doubt that those relationships were complicated, complex, and the ending of them was devastating on many levels. However, until you face what you are avoiding the most, that place will impact your personal relationships moving forward, especially intimate ones, until you've done the work to create new beliefs, ways of being, and better communication skills with women you care for. In addition to learning new skills in creating a successful relationship in the future, the work you do with a relationship coach transforms the man you become in this process into THE man you deeply desire for the world to see and hear.

As single men and women in the modern digital era of 2017, it is inevitable that we will all go through a few phases of doors slammed shut in our love lives and how we face the next door is determined by what we believe we are worthy of, deserving of, capable of, and living free of all of the limitations placed on us by the past doors slammed shut. This is where the man you want to become is made. It is in these hard times that you need the support the most. Guidance from an expert to get you standing firmly on the other side ready to open the doors life delivers in professionally and personally. 

  • What if, just what if, you could walk a path free & clear of the limitations and beliefs that the old relationships carry and really embrace dating from that place knowing you are ready to open new doors again?
  • What if you had a deeper understanding of the female psychology of courtship and what she really desires from her man before a first date and throughout the courtship process to commitment ?
  • What if you really embraced your empowered masculine from a place of purpose, vision, desire and determination to attract a woman you respect as your "equal" into a lasting relationship?   

This is where the magic happens.  I have a private invitation for singles, just like you. But, one question first... Are you ready to create a relationship that actually lasts, like the long-term committed kind with lasting love? I invite you to book an "Intimacy Inventory" private call to discover what's stopping you from attracting the relationship you desire and what your very next step should be to move you closer toward your relationship goals. >>> BOOK A PRIVATE CALL

Laura Wood