The Unspoken 24-Hour Rule

Over the years, I have listened to and watched women withdraw from a man she was thrilled about seeing again when she didn't hear from him on a regular basis. Look, I know you are busy with your career, family, friends, and networking. I totally get it. In fact, being an entrepreneur has me going in a million directions some days and my schedule varies every single day. No two days are ever exactly alike. Yet, I take note each day of what men reach out as the weekdays creep closer to the weekend and I begin to finalize my social calendar and confirm my own "hot" dates. Women who are busy with their own lives and careers do the same. So, here's my advice for ensuring you are on her calendar this weekend!

Relationship Advice: NEVER go more than 24 hours without contact if you want to keep her interested in YOU.

I know you are asking "BUT WHY"?

Here's the bottom line... You want to create desire in her to see you again, right? You do this by showing your interest in her by communicating with her on a regular basis.

If you want to draw her closer, you've got to stay in contact to stay on her mind.

Here's the psychology behind this rule: Women thrive on attention from men and even if it doesn't make sense to you why you need to follow this rule, you simply cannot afford to lose her because you couldn't find a few minutes each day to connect with her by text or by phone.

TRY THIS: If she's on your mind, try this... TELL HER. It can as simple as "you're on my mind today" or "I can't wait to see you this weekend."

Here's the deal... If you don't reach out by texting or calling for more than a 24-hour time period, she starts to question your level of interest and she begins to pull away slowly and, sometimes, even completely.

The TRUTH: The man who communicates with her daily stays on her mind. This is the man that she has a burning desire to see again. Be that MAN for her. Be the one she desires.

DON'T DO THIS: The man who cannot find a short window of time for a few texts during the day or evening is not the man who will keep her attention captivated. I know women. I know what they whisper about after a date and when they complain or become confused because they haven't heard from him in days. And, if you don't put forth the effort to stay in contact, you shouldn't have expectations of creating a deeper connection with her. This is harsh but it is the truth.

Remember, this rule is basic but it is incredibly important! Never go more than 24 hours without contact if you want to stay on her mind and keep her interested. Everyone has a one-minute window of time free to send a simple text to reach her and keep the flow of communication open.


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Laura Wood