Wear This To Impress Her

I often get asked by men what to wear on dates or when out socially to stand out so they get noticed. Women are naturally attracted to men in structured jackets.

In a very causal dating and social environment, when you dress up you naturally raise the bar which helps you stand out to get noticed by women.

My top recommendation is always to wear a structured jacket that is weather appropriate.

In addition, I recommend that my male clients wear fashionable shoes, fun socks to show some personality, a pair of very nice, clean, & fitted jeans with a leather belt, a fitted shirt (button-up or simply structured shirt- but no t-shirts) and a great watch to top off the look.

Women are naturally attracted to men who look professional, totally rock a little peak of personality, and are well put together. This outfit is my default for the first few dates unless the occasion calls for more casual attire.

Here's where the bonus respect and credibility plays a part... Women tend to dress up for the first few dates and they notice when you do the same. It creates an initial level of respect for her time and for her company. On a final note... Dressing up is one easy way to earn some major credibility at the beginning of the relationship on the first few dates because women notice all of the small things as they add up over the first few dates. 


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Laura Wood