Friend Zone to Date Night

I am amazed at the number of conversations I have with men about being stuck in the dreaded friend zone. This struggle is very real and I know it well myself. Men ask how to break the chronic cycle of feeling that women see them only as friends, and nothing more. I totally get that!

The first question I ask is whether they have ever asked her out on a "real" date. By this I mean, have you ever asked her to join you for a date you planned for the two of you together without anyone else?

I often see men held back from totally going for it in their dating lives because someone in the friend circle has captured their attention and they are torn with the struggle of whether to pursue her or other options.

My advice is to ask yourself if your desire for this friend is strong enough for you to make a move and ask her out on a date.

I know the next objection coming... what happens if she says no or gives you some excuse related to her not wanting a relationship? Well, you will get one thing from asking... Clarity. You will finally have clarity on whether she is potentially interested in a more intimate, personal relationship or not.

Here's the silver lining: If she declines you are now free to move on to pursue other options.

I often see men who have both disappointment from her answer but then true freedom as be opens himself up to attract a woman who desires him in every way and is honored to be dating him.


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Laura Wood