Top 4 Flirty Texts

Let's be real here... We spend our days glued to our phones. So, this week I want to share with you a few techniques to help you show your interest in having a second date. By using these specific text messages, you stay on her mind, her interest is peaked, and you can increase your odds substantially of getting her to join you for a second date. 

1. Request a Text: After a great first date, invite her to confirm when she gets home safely if she is driving or traveling any significant distance. This shows you care about her and want her to reach out again.

2. The First Date Follow-Up Text: So, the first date went well and you want her to know you are interested in having a second date. Try texting her within an hour or two of when the date ends telling her that you had an amazing evening with her and would very much like to see her again. This text is important because if she also enjoyed the date, she will be curious to see how quickly you reach out to confirm you are as interested as she is. While you may feel like you are breaking some of the modern rules of dating, trust me when I say that if she is interested in seeing you again that she will be thrilled you texted her!

3. The "Good Morning" Text: After an amazing first date while you are seeking to increase her interest in having a second date, a "Good Morning" text is always a great way to start her day. Why? While this may seem too simple to make much of an impact, that is precisely WHY you need to send it. It tells her that she is on your mind and it will open up the flow of conversation for the rest of the day.

4. The "Thinking of You" Text: If she is on your mind, TELL HER! Simply send her a "thinking of you text" with an optional emoji. Trust me, she will love it and share it with all of her friends. This will build excitement and anticipation of the second date as well to keep her intrigued.


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Laura Wood