A Genuine Approach to Compliments

So, I have been getting a number of questions lately about how many compliments are appropriate on a date. Hmmm... It got me to thinking about compliments and the mixed psychological signals it can send to a woman. And, how unnatural it can feel in the moment especially without a solid strategy.

Here's the truth: It's not about the numbers, it's really timing and high-quality, meaningful, & powerful compliments.

What I see most is that amazing men shy away from complimenting a woman because they don't want her to feel insulted but then the woman wonders why he isn't complimenting her. I know... this stuff is so CONFUSING!!!

To bring you some clarity and confidence around this subject, I created a My Signature "3-Step Compliment Formula". I have broken down each phase based on the perfect timing during the date and exactly what to say to impress her and to make her feel desired, respected, and appreciated. Now, this is what women are craving and I am teaching you exactly how to deliver in this formula!

My Signature "3-Step Formula" contains my top three suggestions for giving a woman compliments with class, style, sophistication, and ease and how to time each of them perfectly.

  1. Phase 1 (The initial greeting acknowledging beauty, excitement, and appreciation): When you see her and you feel the urge to compliment her beauty, try this technique:
    • Step 1: Acknowledge how "stunning" she looks and then immediately thank her for meeting you for the date, dinner, event, etc;
    • Step 2: Tell her how pleased you are to meet her, see her again, etc. and what an honor it is to have this evening to get to know her on a deeper level.
  2. Phase 2 (The mid-date acknowledgement of her intelligence, openness, how much she intrigues you, etc.):
    • Delivery: Compliment her about how much you are enjoying engaging with her. Describe how it feels to be in her presence, such as "I am really appreciative of how authentic you are, how open you are, how great of a dancer you are, your laughter, your radiant smile, your sense of humor OR even how amazing it is to connect with you." Pick one of these, not all of them.
    • Purpose: The key here is show appreciation for her being herself on the date, her sense of humor, her love for life, her life's work, her accomplishments, etc. This deepens the connection by showing an appreciation for her on a deeper level of who she really is inside, her personality, what she values, her interests, etc. This compliment goes beyond her beauty and shows your interest in her with appreciation, respect, and desire.
  3. Phase 3 (The last acknowledgment to gauge her interest and opportunity to express your intentions to see her again):
    • Closing Remarks: At the end of the date, compliment her on how amazing it has been to share the evening with her, that you enjoyed her company, and that you would very much enjoy seeing her again. Now, watch to see how she reacts. This is the time to gauge her reaction before the final goodbye and the the awkward pause before the farewell kiss (or hug).
    • Finale: To top off the night, tell her "thank you" for the kiss, if you exchange one. Here's the technique: Smile, look into her eyes, and say "thank you." Trust me, this is a rarely used skill but it is incredibly powerful. Simply put, it shows your true genuine appreciation for her affection which increases the likelihood that you will experience it again. YES, YES, YES!


Bonus Tip: If the date went well, text her within an hour or two of the date ending to tell how how much you enjoyed her company, how much you enjoyed the date, and your desires to plan another date. By doing this, you have opened up the communication again with her and you can see if she responds with mutual interest.

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Laura Wood