Courtship Skills 101

Today, I have three new ways you can use your hands on a date to gain her respect, and she will notice your actions in a good way.

She won't have to move your hands when you do this, and she will have no reason to be offended by your touching.

  1. Open every door you walk up to so she can go through ahead of you
  2. Pull out her chair at the table & rise each time she returns to the table
  3. Open the car door for her when she is getting in

The beauty of each of these actions is that each takes no more than 10 seconds. They seem very simple yet they are neglected on most dates. I know you have an extra 10 seconds to open a door for her.

As a society, we have grown accustomed to not opening doors or pulling out chairs on dates. Sometimes you have to stand out to get noticed and these actions involve you breaking the norms of our casual dating scene to earn respect from your date. You have nothing to lose by trying these three things and you could gain tremendous respect from your date!

Here's the deal... If you want to gain her respect and increase her interest, do these three things to set yourself apart in a big way. 

Trust me when I say that women notice actions of the men they date, and the techniques I teach men are all designed to help you earn the attention of the type of woman you want to attract in a very respectful way. 

Try these hand techniques to impress her and naturally her respect for you will increase, which is exactly why you are paying attention to the small details when you are with her.

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Laura Wood