Why Planning A Date Matters

That brilliant, beautiful woman you want to attract & draw in closer requires extra effort from you to ensure you keep her interested. But, trust me when I say this, she is totally worth it! 

So, then the question is are you making her melt? Literally? Figuratively? You get the picture here... If you desire to attract an "equal" and keep her intrigued, it is time to implement some traditional courtship skills so you stand out and get noticed by her. 

Planning an impressive date will earn her respect and captivate her attention. Let me offer you a comparison between one incredibly boring date at the same vineyard two years ago and one that literally had me blushing & melting recently. 

Flash back to two years ago... My date met me at the vineyard with only water bottles and nothing else. We sat on a hard wooden bench and I prayed that I could find an excuse to leave in less than an hour.

That guy's biggest mistake was that he didn't prepare for an amazing date, which is exactly what I had expected & wanted! A ripe vineyard alone will not carry the entire date. No blanket, no cheese, no glasses. And, I bet you aren't surprised to know he did NOT get a second date.

Fast forward... To one of my most recent romantic rendezvous. This man brought cheese, wine glasses, napkins, a blanket, paper table cloths, and he purchased a bottle of wine to share. This man has romance down to an ART! And, I was melting in every way imaginable... The people around us even watched with envy. It works if you work it!

LISTEN UP... If you want her attention, you need to be that MAN!

The man one who makes her feel adored and respected by taking a few small extra steps in planning the date. Women pay attention to your words and your actions, so put in a little extra effort in planning an impressive date to make her melt. 

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Laura Wood