Old-School Romance

I have a secret this week to share with you that will earn you credit & turn up the heat to make her melt... We are going old-school today with a tip that has worked for men for decades. 

So, I know you remember Dirty Dancing and exactly how you felt the first time you watched it. Right?

Well, what if I told you I knew how to recreate that "feeling" of intense desire, powerful attraction, & rhythmic body movement?

Music is such a common part of our day to day lives that we often forget how powerful it can be in creating sensual experiences.

My Hot Tip to Make Her Melt & Set the Mood: Create a playlist for her, old-school style, with a modern twist. If you use Spotify or another music service, make her a playlist to show her exactly how you feel about her.

It worked for guys in the 90's... And, trust me when I say that every guy in high school who created one for me made a lasting impression.

Here are the simple steps to follow: Select a few songs that describe her personality, a song from her favorite artist, songs from her favorite bands, a flashback favorite, and a few that you just know were written for HER because you couldn't say it any better.

Looking for a package to deliver this awesome surprise? Create the playlist & then email her the link in a E-Card. Just make sure to confirm she received it & it didn't end up in the spam/junk folder.

Now, this is how YOU captivate the attention of the brilliant, beautiful woman you have on your mind. If you want action, you gotta take some first to gain credibility & captivate her attention. If you want in with her, try this one thing to set the mood...


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Laura Wood