Small Talk 101

When to approach or not to approach? What do you say?

During my live coaching, men often mention being unsure of when to approach a woman and exactly what to say. I don't teach seduction and I don't believe in pick-up lines. They feel unnatural, creepy, and dis-genuine. And, women can totally see that coming from a mile away. It might work every now and then but would the woman you really desire to attract afteralll for this? I venture to say that it's unlikely.

Here's what to do instead: When you see a woman you want to chat with, approach her and ask her how long she has lived in the area.

There is a reason that this question is #1 in my guide because it is one of the easiest questions to ask and naturally opens the flow of conversation.

If she is traveling through, she will likely tell you she is to which you can then ask how her stay has been and what sites she has seen.

If she is local, you have a wide net of questions about her favorite hot spots in town to determine if you have similar interests.

Both of these directions of conversation provide you with plenty of things to talk about and the conversation is non-threatening yet can be incredibly insightful in determining compatibility. Whether she is local or traveling through your town, if the conversation flows well you will have a natural opportunity to ask her if she would be interested in having a date.

When you approach women with curiosity about what she enjoys and completely free of any attachment to the outcome, you will be amazed at how easy conversation becomes. When you approach women with a sense of curiosity and you don't have any expectations of the outcome of the conversation, you will immediately begin to notice how much easier it has become to talk to women. And, as you begin doing this exercise on a regular basis and gaining confidence every single time, you are far more likely to meet a woman you desire to date.


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Laura Wood