Making Peace with the Past

Today, I am sharing a story of one of my favorite clients and how she overcame the pain of her divorce and found lasting love with the most remarkable man. 

"When you make peace with your past, you make room in your heart to love again." 

When I first met Katie, she wanted nothing more than to be free of the pain from her divorce. Her heart was shattered when her husband unexpected left her and basically disappeared. She was heart-broken and devastated

The sense of betrayal weighed heavy on her heart. As a result, she couldn't foresee loving again or even letting her guard down enough to let anyone get close enough to hurt her again. She felt broken and deeply desired healing in this area of her life.

She came to me for relationship coaching and she left with a lifelong love with a "remarkable man" (which she is now engaged to).   

Katie was a smart, sexy, successful woman raising a three-year-old child alone. She felt a deep sense of rejection from her husband, which created a belief that she was unworthy of being loved. Everyday, Katie faced an enormous amount of shame, stigma, and responsibility for her marriage falling apart. In fact, she also blamed herself for missing the red flags. When I first met her, she swore she would never feel that helpless again, which for her meant she wouldn't even consider the idea of dating again. At least not at the beginning. 

During our work together, Katie began the healing work necessary to move her past the pain of her divorce and into a place where she felt safe enough to open her heart up to loving again. One day during a coaching call, I asked her "what do you really wanted in life, now and in the future?". It was during this session that Katie discovered she had a desire for a lasting love and lifelong companionship. Her love story hadn't ended when her marriage did.  

"I want to be loved. I want my daughter to have a father. I don't want to do life alone anymore."

Before coaching together, Katie had never allowed herself to be totally honest about what she deeply desired most in life. Katie's dedication to her own healing allowed her to give herself permission to be open to finding lasting love. 

After only a few sessions, I began to notice her willingness to open herself up to the possibility of dating again. A close friend offered to make an introduction. Of course, Katie had reservations about a blind date, and she questioned if she was ready to even date again. Hesitantly, she agreed to meet this friend for a coffee but nothing more. And, this is how her love story began. 

Here are Katie's own words about our journey together: 

"While working with Laura, I met a remarkable man! I have never battled self-confidence issues, however, the matters of my divorce made me question so much. Because of coaching, I gained confidence and reassurance that is permanent. I had to overcome the "we are not worthy" stage and greatly relied on Laura's coaching. I am forever grateful!" Katie

In our work together, Katie was dedicated to transforming her belief that she was worthy of a great love. And, she did. Beginning at the first coffee date, she took small steps to get to know him at a pace that felt just right for her. And, he was open to allowing their relationship to develop at a slower pace as she learned to fully trust again and as she opened her heart up to fully loving again. When we finished our work together, she had created a life full of love, joy, and gratitude for the amazing man that loved, respected, and adored her (and her daughter). 

Katie is now engaged to a remarkable man and planning a life together. When she started coaching, she didn't expect to find love. She wanted to heal her past pain so she could live a life free of the pain of her failed marriage and divorce. But, when she made peace with her past, she made room in her heart for love to come in. And, that is exactly what she attracted a lasting love and lifelong companionship. The forever kind-of love. 

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Laura Wood