Why Relationships Matter

Learning to create deep connections and intimacy hasn't always been this natural for me. And, I know it feels incredibly vulnerable in the beginning... Trust me.

Here's what I know... The way you experience relationships impacts the way you experience life. And, I believe wholeheartedly in lasting love- for everyone. Because you can as successful in love as you are in life, no matter how disconnected you feel now.

Just two years ago, I was a highly-respected lawyer whose life looked pristine and perfect on the outside. But inside, I was cut off from my intuition. And on the outside, I simply couldn’t connect on a real level with others. Yep, I looked fabulous on paper, but inside, I was as disconnected as you could get.

Now, the disconnection didn’t happen overnight. But every time I stepped into the courtroom and heard the clickety-clack of my own heels, I switched my emotions off and my logical lawyer brain on. Then, when my 10-year marriage ended in a heart-wrenching divorce, things got worse. I decided the courtroom was safer than the bedroom, buried my head in my work, and apparently (but unconsciously) vowed to keep my heart and my head completely separated.

As a result, I watched years roll by in my life feeling completely disconnected to experiencing joy or true happiness.

I struggled to feel truly connected in my friendships and intimate relationships. I had zero clue how to allow myself to be vulnerable–with anyone. I was no longer in touch with my intuition and worse, struggled to connect on a deep emotional level with basically everyone, not just in romantic relationships.

So, I hired my first coach the week I walked away from law to learn how to connect within and with others. Now, years later, I find myself teaching my high-achieving clients how to do the same- just in helping my singles (and couples) find love that actually lasts in our casual dating culture using timeless principles & skills to create remarkable relationships. Read the full story on the ABOUT page. 

Laura Wood