From Invisible to Radiant

Do you feel "invisible" to other singles- online or in real life?

My clients often share that they feel "invisible" to other singles and that's why they think they can't seem to attract a "good" relationship. Yet, in truth, these are radiant, brilliant and beautiful single women and handsome single men who are, in fact, getting noticed. But, because they believe they are invisible themselves, it leaves a deep sense of loneliness... because they believe nobody sees them, gets them, or really understands them. And, until the perspective is shifted, the feelings of being invisible and the loneliness remain.

Here's the truth... it's a matter of changing your perspective so you can begin noticing the high-quality partners around you and become aware that they notice you too. Just a tweak in perspective can totally shift how you experience dating.

I asked Valerie, a former client, if I could share her own story about how shifting her perspective transformed her life. She said... "The biggest result I have experienced while coaching with Laura is PERSPECTIVE... Openness to my heart's desires has opened growth in every area of my life."

Now, the back story... “When I came to Laura, I suffered from low self confidence, lack of direction and was very overwhelmed. I wanted a trusted adviser to guide me through the process of rediscovering myself, but I didn’t know where and how to begin. From our very first conversation, Laura’s energy, charisma, wisdom, passion, and love for others was very clear. She brings strong guidance, gentle accountability and deep awareness to every session. Laura helped me find clarity on where I truly want to be and who I truly am, accountability and fast moving results. Today, I have a new perspective and openness to my heart’s true desires. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and leveling up that has opened up growth in every area of my life. I can feel my life taking off and it's from the truest place in my heart!” - Valerie

Laura Wood