Here's Why I'm Celebrating Heartbreak

This year has been filled with so many amazing experiences both professionally as well as personally.  I experienced a total transformation in my business this year. I met incredibly talented entrepreneurs from all over the world. I experienced a great love. And, best of all, I have worked with incredible clients to help them find LOVE while being true to who they are and dating in a radically different way that creates relationships built on the foundation of trust and respect. The list of celebrations for 2017 could go on and on. I imagine your list is full of reasons to celebrate 2017 as well. 

It is this time of the year that we look back on 2017 and how our lives changed over the last 12 months. I could celebrate so many victories, a milestone in my business, a milestone in my own personal life, and so many other experiences as well as victories, both big and small. And, I imagine you could as well. But to be honest, the one thing I look back on this year that has challenged me the very most was my own romantic relationships. I practice what I preach in my own dating life on my journey to find a lasting, loving, and fulfilling relationship with someone who desires the same. 

By dating within the Nashville culture, I stay intimately aware of the challenges of dating in the digital era of 2017. And, I bring this knowledge to my clients all over the country to help them navigate their own dating lives. I ensure my clients know how to clearly communicate and create deep connections with an ideal partner even within the casualness of the current dating culture. Most importantly, I teach my clients how to date in a different way that breaks all of the so-called dating rules which then enables my clients to stand out and attract the relationship they desire. 

Yet, as a relationship coach, I am not immune to heartbreak. I purposefully allow my heart to be open to receive and share love from a place of true feminine power. I allow myself to enjoy dating and I admire how it forces me to grow and embrace my true femininity.

Dating also brings insecurities up to the surface, and I am not immune to these either. I am self-aware of the insecurities rising and accept that this is a natural response yet I have the ability to choose how I respond rather than allowing a defense mechanism to kick in. If I allowed my defense mechanisms to run the show, I wouldn't be able to experience the gifts of loving and embracing myself just as I am. All of these experiences are a normal part of dating in a truly authentic and vulnerable way. 

This year, I had the honor of experiencing falling in love with an amazing man. He was a great love in my life. He was handsome, intelligent, successful, independent, friendly, and the chemistry was off the charts. Yet, somehow, we never seemed to be on the same page. Like many of you who read this, I know you can relate to this pattern... we dated, broke up, and tried again at least one or twice in this cycle over all of 2017. With each breakup, I experienced very real sadness and eventually true heartbreak.

So many things seemed right but we were missing one of the most important pieces of the relationship puzzle. We simple didn't share the same vision of what a truly fulfilling relationship would look like. My heart is open to love and that allowed me to  experience a great love this year. I am unsure if he experienced the same. Nonetheless, I loved him deeply and this great love has become part of my story on my journey to find LOVE. 

The day came when I was no longer available for anything less than what my heart truly desired, and I recognized that he couldn't fulfill my deepest desires for a lasting love. As a result of the clarity I had of what I deeply desired in a relationship, I found that it was time to share my truth of love for him, say goodbye, and close the door to a future with him. Heartbreak is a painfully intense experience. It is part of the human experience. I am not ashamed or embarrassed. I have no regrets. This is part of the journey and part of my story to share. And, heartbreak even for a relationship coach was incredibly painful and very real.

Despite the heartbreak I experienced, I can stand here today and say that I have no regrets of our relationship and no regrets of falling in love with him even when he didn't feel the same. The truth is that in every relationship we grow, expand, and move closer to what our heart truly desires.

I have never regretted falling in love. Not a single time. Each love in my life was unique in its own way and I allowed the growth to guide me. Life is meant to be shared. I intend to share mine with a man I respect as an "equal" who respects, adores, and loves for who I am, for who I am becoming, and for the service I bring into the world to help others find LOVE too. 

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Laura Wood