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"The Intimacy Inventory" invitation for high-achieving singles

Are you ready to find lasting love and create a true partnership? Do you feel like modern dating is failing you in finding high-quality, committed relationships?  

If so, I am personally inviting you to book an "Intimacy Inventory" which is a private 20-minute call to uncover what's stopping you from finding lasting love & creating a truly remarkable relationship- and, you'll leave with the #1 most important step to move you closer to reaching your relationship goals. 

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Do one (or more) of these common dating challenges sound familiar? 

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- Are you fully present on dates (or are you over-thinking)?

- Is your heart open to falling in love (or are you guarding it from being broken again)?

- Do you suspect you are sabotaging your relationships (or can't figure out why you act "crazy")?

- Are you chasing a runaway relationship (and you can't figure out why the pacing of investment is off)?  

If these challenges sound familiar, I want to invite you to book a private call with me to uncover what's really getting in your way and the next step you can take to move you closer toward your relationship goals. 

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Here's Why I Created "The Intimacy Inventory" for high-achieving singles

I believe modern dating is absolutely failing smart, sexy, successful singles!

The casualness of our dating culture is, quite frankly, baffling, frustrating, and creating more loneliness than ever before.

The so-called rules of modern dating make the desire to find love seem almost impossible in a culture lacking respect for high-achieving singles who desire to create deep, intimate connections in personal relationships, especially the romantic ones. So, it's no wonder that we have become disconnected and doubtful that we can find lasting love and life-long commitment. 

But, there's a different way to date using courtship that creates the foundation for a lasting relationship based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. As a relationship coach, I help high-achieving singles learn how to deeply connect, embrace honest communication, and create intimacy through a a respected method of courtship. 

Finally, I created "The Intimacy Inventory" as a way to help high-achieving singles, just like you, discover what's blocking you from finding the love and creating the relationship you deeply desire. If this sounds familiar and you really desire to experience deeper connections and shared intimacy in a romantic relationship, I invite you to book your call now!


And, here's what to expect next... When you schedule your private call using my online calendar, you will receive a short application containing questions about dating & relationship challenges. I review these responses before every private call so I can fully prepared. 

Many singles actually report that filling out the short application really helps them clarify of their desires for love and a relationship.  

Many of the questions are related to the most common dating and relationship issues I see in coaching sexy, smart, and successful singles, and I imagine many will resonate with you. 

Still not sure? Visit the CONTACT PAGE to send a message.