Laura Lee Wood
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Redefining modern romance using traditional courtship creates the magic you've been missing in your intimate relationships. 

My approach to dating of blending in traditional courtship with modern romance will transform how you experience attracting love into your life! My unique strategy includes these "core four" areas of concentration to create a dating style designed for success: 

  • Dating Mindset Mastery
  • Traditional Courtship Principles
  • Communication & Connection
  • Solid Dating Strategy  

The underlying theme of each of the "core four" areas of concentration is RESPECT for the ideal partner  you are preparing to attract into your life.  My clients not only experience transformation around their mindset around dating, love, and all things relationships but they learn how to implement a respected set of dating principles to stand out in the casual dating culture of 2018. 

Every coaching partnership is unique and, thus, requires a customized, or bespoke, approach to finding LOVE.  My customized coaching programs are designed for clients who are ready to transform their personal relationships, show up with more confidence knowing they can attract the love and relationship  they deeply desire, and implement the use of traditional courtship principles to create the foundation of a relationship built on respect. Most coaching packages containing weekly coaching for the duration of the program to ensure consistency and progress toward meeting relationship milestones. By establishing an elite partnership with Laura, you will receive 1:1 virtual coaching sessions for a duration of 4 up to 8 months with the investment for transformational coaching beginning at $2,500.   Private retreats and VIP days are available upon request, subject to availability.  In addition to receiving 1:1 virtual coaching, VIP clients have daily access to Laura by email and text daily so they are always fully supported and receive guidance whenever they need it most.  

Are you ready to unlock the power of courtship and the language of love?

I want to personally invite you to schedule a  "Dating Style Assessment" to discover 5 ways your dating style could be holding you back from attracting the love and relationship you desire.  And, I will share with you the number one thing you need to do to move forward toward achieving your relationship goals. This assessment is 20-minutes long and is conducted privately using video or audio conference.