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revive a once remarkable relationship

restoring the “forever” kind of love to last forever


Coaching for couples more-than-ready to breathe romance, respect and radical honesty back into their current relationship/marriage and learn how to make their love last.


  • You’re actively in a committed relationship or marriage

  • You feel cut off from your partner because of outside demands–like a high-level job, family life or anything else

  • You want to add a sexy spark of intimacy back to a blah relationship, but don’t know how

  • You’re ready to look at new ways of relating and re-building a bond with your beloved


  • “We never go out anymore. S/he’s so boring.”

  • “ The passion is gone. It feels like I’m living with a stranger–or a roommate."

  • “If only we could get along like we used to. It’s like I don’t even know her anymore.”


  • WEEKLY 60-MINUTE COUPLES COACHING SESSIONS (16 sessions over 4 months) based on relationship dynamics, improving communication and learning to deeply connect, the importance of courtship principles even in a committed relationship, the dedication by each partner to repair the relationship, and a curriculum originally created by a movement based on Danielle Laporte’s book “Desire Map” to help you live a life, set goals, and create relationships based on how you most desire to feel every single day, and weekly practices to help you revive and repair your long-term relationship. There are 4 specific designated sessions to help you get laser-focused on co-creating goals with soul using the Desire Map curriculum I’ve personally customized for couples who want to create lifelong commitments. These exercises specifically will help you better understand what areas of life your partner desires to focus on over the next four months. (There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, but this coaching will get you pretty close!)

  • (Two) 90-MINUTE KICKOFF INTENSIVES- One for each partner before coaching begins to gain clarity on core issues- as each partner sees them

  • Priority Email Support during the four-month program so you have access to your relationship wingwoman daily for guidance, feedback, and coaching practices to implement.


  • How to identify your own relationship saboteurs (you know, the ‘things’ you're doing that break your bond and eradicate intimacy)

  • How to connect–and date–your partner in unique ways (including unique, fun, fresh date ideas–I’m full of ‘em!)

  • Better communication skills, better ways to connect, better ways to communicate love languages and better ways to understand each other overall

  • How to heal your relationship, together.

Plus, by completing the Desire Map curriculum included in this program, you and your partner will co-create relationship goals, so you both fully understand how your partner desires to feel within your relationships–and in every other area of life. (Value: Priceless)


INVESTMENT $7,000 (Payment Plan Options Available)


"Laura’s coaching was instrumental in building the right presence to attract the kind of woman I was looking for. She gave me some great ideas, and took my profiles in new directions; things I never would have considered. The results were immediate, and a dramatic improvement compared to what I was doing without a Wingwoman." Nick

"Laura's insights, intuition, and knowledge were solid. I appreciated her willingness to challenge me to look at communicating with women from a different perspective. Laura challenged me to use new strategies and methods that would lead women of my stature to have an interest and to be intrigued. Within a very short window of time, I could see a major change in the quantity and high quality of women I was attracting. In fact, I have the best match and I've had in a long time, and I am hopeful she is the love of my life. I have asked her to marry me and she said YES!" Jeff