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single and over it

it’s time to make peace with the past and make room in your heart for the forever kind of love.



Dear smart, successful and single Woman,


Let’s just put it out there: You’re doing okay–no, fabulous–on paper.

You’ve got…

The stellar dream job and the salary to match.

The well-fitted suit, tailored just for you.

The red-bottom heels, the expensive Italian leather handbag and the seemingly endless invitations to all the weekend events in the city (not that you have anyone to go with, but still).

Oh, and the ability to confidently nail your morning presentations, every single (week)day.

It’s true: You’re undeniably brilliant. Wickedly resourceful. And pretty much a shoe-in for everything you’ve ever wanted in life...Except when it comes to love.

Now, that’s not to say you’ve “failed.” Oh no, you’ve loved and loved hard. But you’ve also been hurt, too.


Tell me.  Are you maybe...

  • Still in love with a man from your past or deeply wounded by a past relationship?

  • Hanging on for a miracle that he'll wake up and realize he's madly in love with you?

  • Feeling badly hurt by a man you dated because he disappeared without explanation?

  • Looking for freedom from the sadness, betrayal and the pain of a former lover–or lovers?

  • Struggling to open yourself up to love after a string of bad breakups?

  • Secretly convinced you’re unlovable, too complicated or too complex?

  • Afraid to show people who you really are because you’ve been let down so many times?

  • Wonder when (if ever) you’ll get over him and be open to finding true, lasting love?

If so, I get it. If you’re like most of the single women I coach, you used to wear your heart on your sleeve...until you had it broken one too many times.

Now, you can’t help but think things like:

“How was I so blind?”

“Why can’t I just get over him?”

“Who is ever going to love me–us–after this?”

“I haven’t dated in six years. Will I ever be able to again?”

“Why is this all so hard? Was it always like this?”

“Am I ever going to find anybody?”

Or sometimes even: 

“Am I even worthy of love?” 

“Why do I feel  invisible to men?”

 “Why can’t I forgive him...or myself?”


Yep, one thing is sparklingly clear: You’re afraid to open up to love again.

And if we’re being totally honest: It’s not just romantic love you feel disconnected from. It’s everyone–and everything.

You’ve become a master at compartmentalizing your life.

Your mind and your heart are completely separated...and life feels safer that way.

... But it also feels insanely lonely.

You nom on your kale salad at your desk alone, skip happy hour because you don’t want to show up solo and even eat dinner on your living room couch (with Showtime Originals, Spotify, or an audiobook for background noise) so you don’t have to sit at your high-top kitchen table alone, in silence.

(And let’s not even talk about all the “weekends away” and long distance travel you’ve turned down because you didn’t want to go solo.)

Still, you try to convince yourself it’s okay. You try to convince yourself you’re just focusing your career–not love–”for now.” You try to justify, reason and rationalize why you’re so buried in work, so mired in obligations that have nothing to do with others and so “okay” with spending every Friday night with Netflix & Amazon Prime.

But in the back of your mind... A secret part of you deeply craves another relationship. But this time, one that works–and lasts

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You’ve worked hard to get where you are.

And you just want a man who can see that, respect that and love you for that. 



It’s time to…

  • Stop denying yourself the love (and passionate intimacy)–and the other connections–you deserve and desire

  • Process the loss, betrayal, and drama from your past relationships

  • Learn how to slowly let your guard down so you can open up your heart to love yourself, your life, and falling in love again with The Forever One

You deserve to feel confident in your ability to attract an amazing man to share everything from the happy hours to the high-top kitchen table.

Whether you have…

  • A (laundry list) of the past pain of betrayals, heartbreaks, men ghosting, and settling for “casual” relationships…

  • A history of dating one-too-many bad boys (plus a near-debilitating fear of actually opening up to the nice ones)...

  • Insecurities about coming on too needy, clingy or strong with every man you meet…

  • So much inner shame from feeling rejected that you just can’t even think of starting over…

  • Or, even if you’ve lost faith that you can find “The Forever One” in our casual dating culture.

I’d be honored to guide you. I know you’re totally over being single. And, ready to just get past the pain so you can get “over it” and move on.

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Introducing “Single and over it”- a four-month coaching experience all about healing your heart, ditching bad dating habits and feeling confident enough in your own skin to open up to intimacy again... In love and in every area of your life.

During four months of private coaching, we’ll work specifically on:

HEALING THE PAST +  digging into the limiting beliefs brought about from former flames and reclaiming your confidence

BREAKING BAD DATING HABITS (from choosing partners for all the wrong reasons to ditching your happy-to-meet-up-anytime desperate energy) so you stop attracting the wrong relationships in the first place

DEFINING YOUR DESIRES  to gain clarity on not only your desires for your next relationship, but for life in general

THE CORE ELEMENTS OF A REMARKABLE RELATIONSHIP –I call them the four C’s: commitment, courtship, communication and connection–and I’ll introduce to you how I teach singles a different way to date based on your own values, morals, and in alignment with your desire for love that lasts a lifetime (and not a night time).

During our time together, you will…

  • Develop a sense of peace around your past

  • Create a plan to create closure around past relationships on your own terms

  • Cultivate a more empowering (and accurate) view of who you truly are

  • Gain clarity on your core desired feelings and your deepest desires for your next relationship

  • Finally know exactly what to do next to move that much closer to finding lasting love

  • You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of why you do what you do, confidence in your own skin, clarity on exactly who you desire to attract, and how to implement courtship principles into dating to create a truly remarkable relationship

“Single and over it” is designed move you to a place where feel ready to shift your focus toward thoughts to finding a remarkable man to love -and do life with- forever.

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Hello, Beautiful Lady. I’m Laura Lee Wood, certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker.

After 17 years of experience working with various relationship dynamics, today I coach sophisticated, classy, intelligent women like you how to heal their hearts, open back up to love and create remarkable relationships through the timeless principles of courtship.

I created “Single and Over It” because I’ve been there.

After my 14-year relationship ended in divorce, I doubted that I could fall madly in love again. As a divorced, single mom living in the suburbs and practicing law, I had serious doubts about love, relationships and the entire “casual” dating culture (read: Tinder and the like).

Over the years, I had learned to compartmentalize my head and my heart. I had turned off my intuition and switched off my capacity to receive love.

After working with my own coach and doing my own healing, I was eventually able to open my heart back up to love and connection. And not long after, I met someone truly incredible–by dating based on my own rules, not the so-called ones set by our culture. Let me tell you that this man made a believer out of me in more ways than one.

He made me feel loved, respected, adored and cherished.

My "summer of love" (as I dubbed it) was by far the best summer love I have ever experienced. Not just because I fell madly in love, but because this man showed me that not only was love possible, but that  I truly was worthy of a remarkable relationship and lasting love.

And, while we moved at different paces in our lives, we shared something no one can take away. I have never regretted falling in love and this was no exception.

Now my belief is unwavering. I know I am worthy of love. Great love. The forever kind of love.

And every single day, I guide my clients to the same place–where they feel that they too can open their hearts to finding the forever kind of love.⠀

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Client Love & Praise

“I was skeptical about participating in relationship coaching. I didn't know if she would 'get' me and worried I would be judged for my past dating mistakes. Let me ease your concerns- working with Laura was like having a conversation with a great friend. She helped me identify barriers which have kept me from getting back out on the romantic playing field. Laura has great tips and insight to help you live your best life! I enjoyed our session so much I bought one for my best friend. After all, what is better than the gift of (finding) love?!" Kate

"While working with Laura, I met a remarkable man! I have never battled self-confidence issues, however, the matters of my divorce made me question so much. Because of coaching, I gained confidence and reassurance that is permanent. I had to overcome the "we are not worthy" stage and greatly relied on Laura's coaching. I am forever grateful!" K.L.

"Laura asks really good questions and gets me thinking in a new way so we can tackle particularly sensitive issues. Her coaching provides an interesting perspective and helps me to see different views other than mine so I can get unstuck. While working with Laura, I have had breakthroughs and discoveries about myself that I didn't realize were there. The process of moving past these issues with Laura's guidance has been extremely helpful. Her coaching has helped me immensely!" Wendy

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What Exactly will you receive?

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Four Months of Weekly Virtual 1:1 Coaching: 16 60-minute private sessions to dive deep into that heart of yours and begin the healing process so you can open up your heart to finding your forever love

A 90-minute kickoff virtual coaching session to help you help you get crystal-clear on your desires in life and your relationships, identify what’s stopping you from attracting lasting love right now (your ‘relationship saboteurs’), dig into heartbreaks that still weigh heavy, look at old beliefs about relationships, and talk through any roadblocks you’ve encountered around vulnerability, intimacy or giving/receiving true love (Value: $600)

Your Personal Wingwoman on Speed Dial with daily email and Voxer voice/text messaging access so you feel fully supported each day as you begin your journey, as you begin to creating deeper connections, and when you begin dating again so all of those insecurities that surface are handled by an expert ASAP and seen during the program (Value: Priceless)



So, how does this work?

Limited Availability: This program is limited to only a few incredible women each month so every client receives a high-caliber coaching experience.

Step One: Just click any of the BOOK A PRIVATE CALL buttons on this page and you’ll be automatically whisked away to a safe and secure page to fill out a short application and schedule your private call.

Step Two: At the end of our call, we will discuss if this coaching package is the right fit for you. Then, you'll receive a safe and secure online payment link for speedy checkout. After payment is received, you’ll swiftly receive an email from me with the next steps. I’ll also send you a contract for electronic signature and a link to your welcome packet online. Sleek and simple.

Step Three: Then, we’ll schedule your kickoff intensive coaching session. During this session, we’ll dive deep together to uncover where your heart needs the most healing–and how to begin living life with more love and less pain, right now. We’ll always connect via virtual conference at a link I’ll provide. You can opt to use audio or video (whichever you prefer). Either way, all sessions are private and confidential conversations, just between you and me.

Step Four: Finally, we’ll continue to meet weekly for highly-transformative 60-minute sessions to discuss whatever you need to discuss that week. Each session is 100%  customized, so you receive exactly what you need, when you need it.  Keep in mind that as a relationship coach, my main goal is to help you release the pain of your past so you can be more fully living in the present. And while I can’t promise specific results, I can say many of my clients find themselves pleasantly surprised by how open, clear and excited they feel by the idea of dating again and finding true love.

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“Before Laura, I had issues setting boundaries with my ex and also struggled with dating and feeling confident about how I look and perceive myself. Laura helped me learn how to stick to the boundaries I have set and how to approach dating–when I’m ready. She taught me things to do each day to help move forward and feel free. I now know the exact words to say when sticking to boundaries and my confidence has never been better. Now, I’m finally focused on my own desires and goals–not someone else’s. I feel like everyday I’m moving further past my divorce and into the future I envision!” - TONY

“As a single mom, I worried a lot about my child, balancing my career with family, and of course, had major dating anxiety! But when I started working with Laura, she was able to get right to the heart of the matter. She was able to ask me thought-provoking questions to get me thinking in a new way and always provided an new perspective that helped me see things differently and get unstuck. Laura taught me that it’s OK to want space and time to heal and take care of myself. I’ve had tons of breakthroughs and discoveries about myself as a result of working with her. She truly has helped me immensely! It has been a breath of fresh air and given me peace of mind knowing I am not alone in all this. ” – Whitney

“When I came to Laura, I suffered from low self confidence, lack of direction and was very overwhelmed. I wanted a trusted adviser to guide me through the process of rediscovering myself, but I didn’t know where and how to begin. From our very first conversation, Laura’s energy and charisma, wisdom, passion and love for others was very clear. She brings strong guidance, gentle accountability and deep awareness to every session. Laura helped me find clarity on where I truly want to be and who I truly am, provided daily exercises to help me progress, plus accountability and fast moving results. I felt so supported because we always had an open line of communication and Laura was full of not only support, but rich resources and recommendations. Today, I have a new perspective and openness to my heart’s true desires. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and leveling up that has opened up growth in every area of my life. I can feel my life taking off and it's from the truest place in my heart! I 'can’t recommend Laura enough!” - Valerie

Laura has a wonderful openness about her and is so easy to talk to. I could tell she really wanted to understand my situation and was full of such passion to help. Through working with Laura, I discovered what was truly hoping me back from moving past my divorce. My eyes were opened to what I need to work on to move forward for myself and my dating life. I know the detailed traits I want in a partner, and I see my own potential, too. Thanks to Laura, I’m taking the baby steps I need to take to become the me I want to be!” – Erin

“For the first two years after my husband left, I found myself focusing completely on my child and career. I came to Laura because I was seeking a professional opinion on matters that were still lingering and hindering me from my full growth. At the time, I was struggling immensely with guilt and the shattered dream of not being able to provide a family with a mom and a dad in the same home for my child to flourish in. I was also constantly questioning what I could have done differently. Throughout our work together, I made some major changes in the way I saw the situation. Laura validated my feelings around a lot of the heaviness I was carrying around from my past relationship, including infidelity, mental illness and addiction. I was able to “rewrite the story” for myself and my daughter. Today, I know we are both worthy of real, lasting love and that our story–and my ex’s demons and issues–do not have to define us. I’ve gained a permanent self confidence and reassurance nothing can shake. But the best part? While working with Laura, I met the most remarkable, patient, understanding man who also came from a previous broken marriage–and today, we’re engaged! Needless to say, I am forever grateful for Laura’s coaching.” – Katie

“Before Laura, my biggest challenges were co-parenting and dating. Not only was I trying to co-parent with someone who simply didn’t want to co-parent,I’d also been single since I divorced and was trying to step back into the dating scene–and it was terrifying! I very much appreciated Laura’s cut to the chase coaching style; she doesn't sugar-coat by any means and it was so helpful. In fact, our sessions didn’t feel like a coaching experience to me; it felt like I was talking with a good friend. Throughout our time together, I gained so much. I discovered that I am beautifully flawed, but not broken. I discovered that I could and should find love again and live life to the fullest. I learned I owe my son the luxury of happiness, instead of him having to worry that I am upset or don't have time for him. I also have so much more confidence when it comes to the dating scene. I think the best thing about Laura is that genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. She genuinely wants to hear about their progress and their downfalls. She sees what most of us can't or won't–and she brings it to light! Laura is a force to be reckoned with, in the best way!” - Sarah

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Lady Love, I know you’re dying to feel free from your past pain, free from the baggage he left behind and free to open up again without fear. I know you’re dying to love, to connect, to FEEL. I also know you don't know where to start.

No matter how hopeless you feel right now, I want you to know that this is true: You can be as successful in love as you are in life.

But sometimes you do need a little help.

I created this program based on years of training, coaching dozens of incredible women just like you and my own deep healing experience. I know what’s in it works, and works well. (I’m talking deep soul-level transformation to help heal your broken heart, here!)

I know they say “time heals all.” But the truth is, not everything gets easier with time. Sometimes, we have to consciously process and heal our pain. So, my friend, right now, you have a choice, an opportunity, a second chance to do just that.

You don't have to let this heartbreak (or all the other heartbreaks) stop you from creating a truly remarkable relationship in the future.⠀

I can help.

Trust me: If you’ve read this far, and this message is still speaking to you, it’s time.
Time to heal your broken heart.
Time to make peace with your past.
Time to make space in your heart.

And if you stick around, I promise I’ll teach you how to heal your heart and do your part to attract and sustain a relationship built on respect, trust and honesty.

It’s time to stop hurting, stop waiting...and stop waking up every morning in your luxurious king-sized bed– alone.

XOXO, Laura Lee Wood

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: 

  1. What makes this different than other relationship coaching programs?
    ”Single and Over It” is different for a few reasons. It’s specifically for high-achieving women, with support provided by a high-achieving woman. It’s also not just about dating, or just about getting over your ex (although we can tackle all of those things!) It’s truly about learning how to connect and feel confident in yourself again. It’s about getting to know your own desires–in detail–so you can attract exactly what (and who) you want into your life. It’s a safe space to have a breakthrough, so you can open up.

  2. What are your qualifications?
    Officially, I’m a certified dating expert, certified matchmaker and relationship coach. I also hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Unofficially, I have over 17 years experience with relationship dynamics. I also hold a facilitator license from Danielle LaPorte to teach The Desire Map curriculum, focused on helping clients create goals with soul. (If you’re interested, we can incorporate Desire Map curriculum into your coaching experience and you’ll learn how to create both career and relationship goals, so you fully understand how you desire to feel within your romantic relationship–and in every other area of life. Have questions about this? Let’s talk about it on your Relationship Readiness Call!)

  3. Do you do in-person coaching?
    I do open up limited spaces for  in-person coaching in Nashville, TN every month. This premium coaching experience is designed to cater to both local Nashville residents–or you’re free to fly in from anywhere! Please book a Relationship Readiness Call if you’re interested in learning more.

  4. How do I know this program is right for me? 

    I’m so glad you asked! To tell the truth, “Single and Over It” isn’t for everyone. But it is definitely for you if you’re a single woman ready to release the pain and heartbreak from past relationships and past hurts, do the deep digging and healing necessary to reconnect with yourself and others (yep, I’m talking a major shift in all your major relationships) and define your desires for your future partners–and your future in general. It’s about making peace with your past so you can make space in your heart. And although I won’t force you to date, don’t be surprised if by the end of our work together, you feel not only worthy of more love, intimacy and connection–but confident enough to go after it. (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! ;) )