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Dear successful single,


Let me just start with this: I understand what it’s like to want to find the forever one.

Listen… I know you’re oh-so-ready to finally find your forever person. You know in your heart it’s time – to find that special someone, settle down and start a family.

Yet, you just can’t wrap your head around modern dating, even though the outside pressure to understand–and play by–the modern rules is very real.

But the thing want to do it right–so you only have to do it once.

I totally get it. And, I believe you CAN as much success in love as you have in life. Relationship success and career success are NOT mutually exclusive.

So, Tell me… Does this sound like you?

  1. You’re actively dating and wildly disappointed in today’s casual culture. Your friends tell you to wait to text, be mysterious, act unavailable and just have "fun,” but it’s just not who you are. (And anytime you’ve tried to “be casual,” it still doesn’t get you any closer to the relationship you desire!

  2. You’d like to date, but you’ve been burnt. Whether it was the bar scene or the online scene that did you wrong, you simply don’t feel like you have the time, energy or desire to go through another string of boring first dates, endless texting conversations or relationships that are based on “swinging by” once a week. #nothanks

  3. You’re not dating–and it’s been so long you’re honestly overwhelmed by the thought of “starting over.” (Especially in today’s uber-casual atmosphere!)

If these resonate, I’m willing to bet these things are true for you Too:

  • You want a long-term, lasting love. Someone to live with, laugh with and love...for life. (Read: You’re less single and less ready to mingle–and more ready to put a ring on it)

  • Your values just don’t jibe with today’s modern dating rules–the casual, lax attitude most people have about love and relationships leaves you feeling utterly disrespected, confused, hurt and easily replaceable (with just a swipe).

  • You truly feel like you’ve tried everything to find the one. (And you’ve probably thought, "This whole dating scene is stupid. Why would I bother? I can't ever find anybody anyway!” )

  • You had a few promising relationships in the past but they all ended, sometimes in eerily similar ways.

  • You look around at all your friends who are married, creating families or at least coupled up and can’t help but wonder:Why am I still single? Why does nothing work out for me? Really, what the heck is wrong with me?”

Let me just say, I completely, deeply and intimately understand.


does it feel like “marriage” is the one milestone That seems to have eluded you somehow?

Because let’s be honest: you have the killer career. The wealth. The king-sized bed inside the dream home (with the extra bedrooms for the family you deeply desire to create). And you have the time, especially if you’ve taken retirement early.

By all accounts, you’re doing quite well.

You’re beyond brilliant, crazy successful and you’ve created a rather fabulous life for yourself.

You basically have everything you desire in life...besides someone to do life with.

And, right now, you can almost feel your biological clock ticking–and it’s hitting you hard that maybe you do need some help to really figure out how to find (and keep) the forever one.

‘Cause let’s be honest. Ten years ago, you weren’t that worried about finding your forever after.

Back then, you believed (deeply) in love and just assumed one day you’d have the blowout wedding, the fantastic, envy-worthy marriage, the adorable kids and finally find the person to love til death do you part.

It just wasn’t a top priority. You were hyper-focused on your career and on building a life that you’d one day be proud to share with another. You never really questioned whether you’d find your other half, your partner, your destiny–unlike today.

Now, fast forward to today and now the last thing you want is to wake up one day only to realize it’s too late to have the life you always dreamed about.

Well, before I go on, please know this: You are not alone.

In fact, it’s actually quite common that highly successful people find themselves single, especially in today’s casual culture which goes against everything we value and hold dear.

So, what does a high achiever need to do to find true, deep, lasting love in the modern age?

  • Lower your standards? Definitely not.

  • Play the games everyone else seems to play? You could never.

  • Give up altogether? Not even an option.

But what if I told you there actually IS another way? That there actually IS an alternative path you can take (that doesn’t involve ANY of the above) to find–and keep–the greatest love of your life?

Well, good news: It’s true. It’s just that nobody is talking about it...until now.

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Hi, I’m Laura Lee Wood, high-powered-lawyer-turned-love-coach-for-high-achievers.

As a certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker, I teach people just like you how to create remarkable relationships and lasting love–even if you’ve been burnt before, always seem to attract the wrong partners or feel jaded by today’s casual dating scene.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve learned everything there is to learn about love–from earning a degree in psychology to devouring "Undefended Love" (and every other book on love, relationships, attachment, and love languages you can name) to racking up four different certifications

But I’m not just ‘book smart’ on the subject–I’m living it. As a once-married, now-single and forever-high-achieving woman myself, I know what it’s like to date in 2018. (Yes, I know all about grey zones, swiping right and what it actually means to “Netflix and chill.”)

I also know the struggles and demands of balancing a successful career and a love life.  I understand what it truly takes to create space for the love, companionship and intimacy we deeply desire.

That said, I understand my clients in a way many other coaches don’t–or can’t. I know firsthand it isn’t always easy to “find the one”–due to our responsibilities, today’s culture and sometimes, our own pasts.

not that long ago, my life looked perfect on paper…yet, it was far from it.

Just a few years ago, I was a highly-respected lawyer whose life looked pristine and perfect on the outside. But inside, I was cut off from my intuition. And on the outside, I simply couldn’t connect on a real level with others. Yep, I looked fabulous on paper, but inside, I was as disconnected as you could get.  To achieve what looked like perfection to everyone else, I had allowed my career to overshadow my personal relationships for more than 15 years.

In fact, I spent more than a decade compartmentalizing my head and my heart due to my high-level and high-pressure job as a lawyer. As a result, I watched years roll by without experiencing the true connection or deep, intimate relationships that make life beautiful–with lovers, friends and even my own son.

Eventually, I endured a divorce that forced me to face my own patterns around love and relationships–and face a foreign (to me) modern dating culture.

And when my 14-year relationship ended, it was all-too-easy to bury my head (and heart!) in work. For far too long, I didn’t allow myself to get vulnerable with others or ‘be seen’ for who I truly was.

In fact, it took realizing just how deeply disconnected I had become, even from my own child, to motivate me to make the sweeping changes I needed to open my heart up to feeling truly connected to the people who mattered most.

In less than a year, I left my perfect-on-paper job, hired my own coach to help me unearth my truths and learned a whole new way to perceive life and love. Or, as I like to say, I’ve transformed from a soul-broken lawyer who was barely able to love to living a life with a totally open heart.

Nowadays, I truly am a different woman, mother, friend, daughter, partner, and lover. I’ve learned how to truly open up to others, fallen in love with myself and my own imperfect life and I’m also completely open to falling in love again–with the right person, of course.

But I won’t lie and say it was easy. I started over with a new career, a new way of experiencing life, an intention to live passionately, and a desire to love deeply with an open heart.

So, when I strolled back into the dating scene in 2015, I quickly felt as disheartened with dating as you could get. As someone who had only experienced a traditional courtship before my first marriage, I felt completely lost and riddled with frustration, disappointment and total confusion about all the so-called modern “rules” of dating. Not that long ago, I, too, felt disrespected, totally defeated and unaligned with the way everybody else was dating.

Today, I know I’m not alone and that modern dating is especially disheartening for high-achievers, because it goes against everything we value, like respect, dignity, and honesty.I also know that there is another way to date to find someone remarkable to love- and do live with- forever.

The good news… I’ve discovered that you don’t have to date like everybody else to find quality relationships. Or follow modern dating rules. Or compromise who you are and what you deeply desire in a lasting relationship.

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Don’t get me wrong…I get that “the times they are a-changin’” (and always will be!), but I also believe that the rules for quality relationships never have.


Because what I’ve found is that when you have the basics, like...

– Clarity on what you want in a partner

– Connection that’s based on trust and respect

– Communication that’s honest and open

– Commitment (aka an exclusive relationship based on mutual desire)

– Courtship, so intentions are clear from the very first date

...Relationships don’t just work, they become remarkable.

Thanks to my experience with traditional courtship, I quickly realized that it was what was missing from my dating life post-divorce.

And let’s be honest… Courtship has worked for hundreds of years–and for good reason!

Because when you engage in courtship, you feel the opposite of the way today’s modern dating culture makes most of us feel.

With courtship...

  • You don’t feel confused by your status–instead, you know your partner’s intentions right from the start.

  • You don’t feel defeated or burnt out by dating dozens of different people and never having anything pan out.

  • And you definitely don’t feel replaceable–you feel respected.

Seriously… Just imagine if you could feel just as respected in your relationship as you do in your professional role! That’s the kind of relationships courtship creates.

….Which means even in a society all about swiping, “Netflix & chill,” and hanging out & hooking up, there’s still hope for lasting love, if you’re willing to change how you “play the game.” (You can let out that sigh of relief now!)

Moral of the story? Career success and relationship success are NOT mutually exclusive.  You CAN have both. But to do that, you have to learn a different way to date that’s based on your own core values (read: courtship!), not what everyone else seems to be doing.

When you date from a place of mutual respect, honest communication, and openness to create a deeply intimate connection, you change not only who you attract, but the caliber of relationship depth you can create.

Oh, and you never have to follow our dating culture's rules or play games again.  ;)

I believe in lasting, successful love for everyone–even and especially high-achievers like you. I know for a fact you can be just as successful in love as you are in life. And, I’ve literally made it my job to teach high-achieving singles like you how to find and keep “the forever one” with the timeless (and time-tested) principles of courtship.

So, if you’ve ever thought something like... “I'm so ready to find the one. Just tell me what I‘m I doing wrong. Why can't I figure this out? And what can I do differently to make sure this works out?” Good news: I can guide you.

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Introducing “Finding Forever love for soulful singles”


A VIP four-month long one-on-one coaching experience designed specifically to help soulful single women find–and keep–the right one.

If you’re ready to settle down and create a quality relationship that lasts, this is for you. As your coach, I’ll teach you a more empowered way to approach dating so you can (finally) find lasting “forever” love and create a truly remarkable relationship.

You’ll learn all about the core elements of a remarkable relationship–I call them the four C’s: commitment, courtship, communication and connection–and I’ll teach you exactly how to date based on your own values, morals, and in alignment with your desire for love that lasts a lifetime (and not a night time).

You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of why you do what you do, confidence in your own skin (and romantic choices), clarity on exactly who you desire to attract.

Oh, and refined relationship skills to communicate and connect deeply within your new relationship, decipher whether they’re truly the “right” person for you and (if so) how to successfully move your relationship from courtship to long-term commitment.

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Courtship Creates the foundation for a truly remarkable relationship

When you date using the timeless principles of courtship, you create a solid foundation for a truly remarkable relationship that includes better communication, deeper connections, and courtship with commitment.

How better communication skills can transform the depth of intimacy in a relationship…

  • Imagine knowing how to navigate even the hardest conversations with ease and grace when they inevitably come up. Imagine having the refined communication skills to  ‘stick it out’ and talk things through when the road gets tough–or just super intimate.

  • Imagine feeling wholly seen and safe in your relationship. Imagine your fears of intimacy (and your habit of jumping ship at the first sign of conflict or just to “get out first” before they can hurt you) becoming a distant memory.

  • Imagine having real conversations about how you feel and saying less things you regret (and more things you always wish you could).

  • Imagine knowing how to express what you truly feel–from why you’re upset to those three little words so many singles shy from–in a respectful way that builds trust and intimacy, rather than tears it down.

How having the ability to create deeper connections transforms the quality of partner you attract and quality of relationship you create…

  • Imagine being able to truly BE with your partner and enjoy it–and them. Imagine letting go of the habit of pushing away good partners because you think they’re “too good to be true” or feeling like you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • Imagine attracting people who ‘get’ you and are on your level–who want the same things you want, value the same things you value and want to live their lives in a similar manner.

  • Imagine actually liking feeling and being vulnerable. Imagine being able to sit with your own feelings–and your partners–no matter how uncomfortable this might have made you in the past.

  • Imagine finally attracting people who aren’t “like all the others.” ( If you’ve ever thought, “She’s just like every other woman who's taken advantage of me” or “He’s just like every other guy I’ve been with,” you know what I mean.)

  • Imagine getting back in touch with your own intuition and being able to TRUST YOURSELF (and this new person) because you *know* this time it’s different (and the person is, too!)  

  • Imagine knowing how to truly make yourself vulnerable and tell whoever you’re with what they really mean to you, from your heart (and not your head).

  • Imagine not being afraid to share your desires for a committed relationship and openness to explore a life together, right from the get-go!

How courtship naturally creates real trust and mutual respect as well as fosters honesty, transparency, and lasting commitment…

  • Imagine attracting people who want to move at the same pace–and avoiding the craziness and deep hurt that happens when you fall too hard, too fast and they don’t return the intensity (or vice versa)

  • Imagine knowing your date’s intentions right from the start...and never having another date “ghost” your text messages or somehow turn what you thought was a sure thing into a fling

  • Imagine allowing yourself to be seen as imperfect and totally real and not feel pressure to show up perfectly (like you often feel in the workplace)–and still feel respected!


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“Finding Forever love” teaches you how to use courtship to date in a way that actually feels good, so you can find–and keep–lasting love.

Here’s just a few things we’ll work on to transform your love life and help you find (and keep) “The Forever One”:

  • CONFIDENCE & TRUST- Trust In yourself, in the way you connect with others and in your judgment around what’s “right” for you.

  • HOW TO STAY GROUNDED- You’ll discover how you truly desire to feel as an empowered feminine woman, the role of spirituality and its practices in relationships, and the skills to experience new depths of intimacy.

  • A DIFFERENT WAY TO DATE- You’ll learn how to change up the way you date for good by following courtship principles–and saying see ya to today’s modern dating mess. You’ll learn how to transform the way you communicate and connect, so you get different (read: better, and dare I say it, remarkable) results. Online and offline.

  • BREAKING UP WITH BAGGAGE- This program will teach you how to break up with your past relationship baggage and self-sabotaging behaviors…for good. ‘Cause whether you realize it or not, you’re bringing old stuff (read: hurts, betrayals and crazy behaviors) into every new relationship. I’ll help you deconstruct which beliefs you’re carrying from old relationships and how to let them go, gracefully (and finally).

  • THE ART OF COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTION FOR LOVE THAT ACTUALLY LASTS, LIKE FOREVER- You’ll learn how to talk about and navigate conversations and decisions around commitment, exclusivity, non-negotiables, boundaries, ‘kid issues’ and/or meeting the family or moving in together (and marriage & even step-parenting!). You’ll also learn how to be tastefully and authentically transparent and honest about past relationships or marriages. You’ll learn how to see your new relationship (and new person) with fresh eyes that are neither rose-tinted nor tainted. Trust me: These INVALUABLE skills will serve you in every area of your life–from your friendships to your family to the way you relate to yourself. Plus, you’ll learn how to deal with a whole host of real-world relationship challenges and conversations–in a sophisticated, mature way–without running for the hills.

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Unmasking Imperfection to Create Inner Strength, Trust in Yourself, and Embracing Femininity

I am a successful, professional woman with grown children. When I came across Laura’s profile on social media, I’d been divorced twice–and been single for the longest period I’d ever have in my adult life. As soon as I hopped on free consultation with Laura, I knew from that moment on she was the person that would help me get out of this relationship funk. And not just romantic relationships but personal relationships with my family and my friends, too. Laura has truly helped me see things a different way and I have grown and become stronger because of her. Even better, she’s had experiences in her life and could really relate to me. I would say my most grateful use of the time I had with Laura over the three months we work together was the fact that she was so responsive to text messaging. I felt like she was there with me in the moments I was having, like my own personal wingwoman on speed dial. That made all the difference in the world.” – Lucy

“When I first spoke with Laura, I was fearful, overwhelmed, and untrusting of my own self because of the traumatic divorce I had gone through four years prior. I still had so much fear, I was completely out of touch with my heart and unable to admit to myself what my heart even wanted.  Laura was a beautiful voice of reason and a strong hand to hold through both admitting to myself what had happened and identifying what my heart wanted now. She also taught me the tools I needed to continue our work even after our sessions were complete.  Because I learned to trust myself again and now know what my hearts true desires are, I was able to create a very beautiful relationship with an amazing man!!  With confidence to communicate and trust in myself, life has actually been more fun and satisfying than I ever experience in my past. I am now grateful for my past and excited about my future!  Thank you, Laura, for helping me find my way!” – Maggie

“Navigating the dating world is difficult and bouncing ideas or getting feedback from your girlfriends can occasionally be a good thing, but sometimes it’s essential to have an unbiased outlook from a professional. In the first 10 minutes of speaking with Laura, I knew she was really listening. She asked the most poignant questions to get to know me quickly. Laura helped me understand the psychology of a single man’s way of being and then asked incredibly insightful questions so I could learn how to use my softer feminine touch to communicate my needs more clearly while creating a deeper, more intimate connection with him.  From our very first conversation, I know that she truly understood who I was, what I was made of and what task I was capable of working on. She gave me the strength and helped me find the wording to talk to my boyfriend. Because of her, my relationship is stronger than ever!”- Leigh

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What exactly will you receive?

FOUR MONTHS OF WEEKLY PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING SUPPORT Virtual 1:1 Coaching Sessions to help you learn a totally different way to date, that’s respectable, reliable and (in the end) quite remarkable.  You’ll learn exciting new skills in the connection, communication and intimacy departments, so you can build confidence in yourself, open yourself up to receiving love and successfully find and sustain a committed relationship. {16 hours of private coaching}

TWO HOUR KICKSTART INTENSIVE SESSION to get crystal-clear on the type of relationship you desire and identify what’s stopping you from attracting lasting love, so you can date with more confidence that you’ll attract the “right” one. {2 hours of private coaching}

YOUR PERSONAL WINGWOMAN- ACCESS TO LAURA DAILY VIA EMAIL AND/OR VOXER ACCESS so you can get the specific support you need, just when you need it

In addition to the private coaching, you’ll receive:

  • My Signature Step-by-Step “Single and Over It” Formula delivered in my signature group coaching program for soulful single women which includes access to live group coaching calls, our exclusive community, and access to the in-depth online course and extensive virtual video library & resources (Valued at Over $997)

  • Three-Hour Private Virtual Retreat: As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator by Danielle LaPorte, I’m offering a personalized “Free & Clear“ session which is designed to help you re-set so you can restart fresh. This is a guided experience to clear your head so you can make some great plans for love and life. In addition, you’ll receive personalized coaching to help you go deeper using “The Desire Map” workbook which is designed to explore your core desired feelings using the teachings of Danielle LaPorte and the inspiration of this process created and outlined in “The Desire Map” book (Valued at over $997) {3 hours of private coaching}

  • My Signature Online Dating Profile Makeover Course- Perfect for you if you are: single and over it, clear on your desires for a lasting relationship, ready to find forever love with a remarkable man, using online dating and desire higher quality matches, willing to make a time investment to find your last "first kiss", open to learning how to create a deeper connection using courtship, understand that you have the power to transform your relationships and your life, and tired of feeling stuck in cycle of wasting time, money, & energy with casual dating (Value $97)


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what to expect and how to get started

Limited Availability: This program is limited to only a few incredible singles each month so every client receives a high-caliber coaching experience.

Step One: Just click any of the BOOK A PRIVATE CALL buttons on this page and you’ll be automatically whisked away to a safe and secure page to fill out a short application and schedule your private call.

Step Two: At the end of our call, we will discuss if this coaching package is the right fit for you. Then, you'll receive a safe and secure online payment link for speedy checkout. After payment is received, you’ll swiftly receive an email from me with the next steps. I’ll also send you a contract for electronic signature and a link to your welcome packet online. Sleek and simple.

Step Three: Then, we’ll schedule your kickoff intensive coaching session. During this session, we’ll dive deep together to get clear on the type of relationship you desire and identify what’s stopping you from attracting lasting love now.  We’ll always connect via virtual conference at a link I’ll provide. You can opt to use audio or video (whichever you prefer). Either way, all sessions are private and confidential conversations, just between you and me.

Step Four: Finally, we’ll continue to meet weekly for highly-transformative 60-minute sessions to discuss whatever you need to discuss that week. Each session is 100%  customized, so you receive exactly what you need, when you need it. Keep in mind that as your relationship coach, my main goal is to help you learn to date differently using the principles of courtship, as well as define what you truly want in a partner so you attract only what’s right for you and finally, develop the much-needed skills to keep the relationship safe, stable and healthy so it lasts.

Ready to learn to open up and (finally) settle down?

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“For the first two years after my husband left, I found myself focusing completely on my child and career. I came to Laura because I was seeking a professional opinion on matters that were still lingering and hindering me from my full growth. At the time, I was struggling immensely with guilt and the shattered dream of not being able to provide a family with a mom and a dad in the same home for my child to flourish in. I was also constantly questioning what I could have done differently. I have never battled self-confidence issues, however, the matters of my divorce made me question so much. Throughout our work together, I made some major changes in the way I saw the situation. Laura validated my feelings around a lot of the heaviness I was carrying around from my  past relationship, including infidelity, mental illness and addiction. I was able to “rewrite the story” for myself and my daughter. Because of coaching, I gained confidence and reassurance that is permanent. I had to overcome the "we are not worthy" stage and greatly relied on Laura's coaching. Today, I know we are both worthy of real, lasting love and that our story–and my ex’s demons and issues–do not have to define us. I’ve gained a permanent self confidence and reassurance nothing can shake. But the best part? While working with Laura, I met the most remarkable, patient, understanding man who also came from a previous broken marriage–and today, we’re married! Needless to say, I am forever grateful for Laura’s coaching.” – Katie


When I met Laura,not only was I trying to co-parent with someone who simply didn’t want to co-parent,I’d also been single since I divorced and was trying to step back into the dating scene–and it was terrifying! I very much appreciated Laura’s cut to the chase coaching style; she doesn't sugar-coat by any means and it was so helpful. In fact, our sessions didn’t feel like a coaching experience to me; it felt like I was talking with a good friend. Throughout our time together, I gained so much. I discovered that I am beautifully flawed, but not broken. I discovered that I could and should find love again and live life to the fullest. I learned I owe my son the luxury of happiness, instead of him having to worry that I am upset or don't have time for him. With Laura's coaching, I gained so much more confidence when it comes to navigating the current dating culture. I think the best thing about Laura is that genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. She genuinely wants to hear about their progress and their downfalls. She sees what most of us can't or won't–and she brings it to light! Laura is a force to be reckoned with, in the best way!” - Sarah

"I was skeptical about participating in relationship coaching. I didn't know if she would 'get' me and worried I would be judged for my past dating mistakes. Let me ease your concerns – working with Laura was like having a conversation with a great friend. She helped me identify barriers which have kept me from  getting back out on the romantic playing field. Laura has great tips and insight to help you live your best life! I enjoyed our session so much I bought one for  my best friend. After all, what is better than the gift of (finding) love?!" – Kate

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In closing, from my heart to yours...I need you to know something.

You are not replaceable. You deserve a real relationship, not just a date for happy hour or someone who only texts once a week.

And you CAN find it.

Because the truth is there’s actually only one difference between smart, successful women and men who are in satisfying, lasting relationships….

...and the ones who seem to keep attracting people who don’t get it (or them).

And luckily it doesn’t involve playing games, doing things that feel ‘icky’ or denying your true feelings or desires.

All you truly need to do to cultivate a real, lasting relationship with someone special is learn a few fundamental relationship skills.

I created “FINDING FOREVER” to teach high-achievers like you this EXACT skill set, which will (lovingly) guide you through the process of opening up so you can (finally) settle down.

By the end of our time together, you WILL  have the foundation you need for a healthy, loving and lasting relationship.

I know once you learn these life-changing courtship principles, you’ll be amazed at how much easier you’ll start attracting partners who are respectful, open, honest and above all, marriage material/til-death-do-us-part material.

So listen, my friend. If you’re….

  • Tired of feeling disrespected, devalued and dejected by the modern dating scene

  • Tired of living–and being– alone and putting off the things you’d love to do (because who wants to roam the streets of Paris or go to another boring dinner party alone)

  • Tired of existing in a world where everybody else has found their person, swapped I Do’s and moved to the suburbs–and you’re still not even sure if yours exists

...I’m here for you. Because you are NOT broken. You are NOT invisible or unlovable or incapable.

You CAN create a remarkable relationship, even in our casual dating culture.It just might require a little guidance. And I’d love to show you the way. So, what do you say?

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answers to Frequently asked questions

  1. What if I don’t meet the one?

    The truth? You might not find this person during our work together. While I can't promise you’ll meet your person during our four months, I can promise this: You’ll walk away with ALL the tools you could possibly need to create a lasting relationship. You’ll know how to better communicate. You’ll have new connections in your life–not just romantic ones. And you’ll even love your life again. (And let’s be real: There’s nothing more attractive than someone who truly loves their life!  When you meet someone incredible, they’ll definitely want to be a part of that.)

  2. Why is this program so long? Four months feels like a long time!

    Good question. I chose four months because that’s where I typically see relationships hit a wall. It’s when both parties feel the need to ‘define’ things–and that means things either start to get serious or someone starts pulling away. It’s when introductions to family and friends happen, and you start assimilating your partner into your life. And it’s also when most people start asking themselves, “Is this person right for me? Is this person the one? And if not, what do I do now?” Plus, the first three to four months is a really just a magical time in relationships that I’m honored to witness! ;)

  3. I really don’t feel confident in the dating department–or at all. Is this right for me? Will it help?

    Yes! This coaching experience isn’t just about helping you find the one, but helping you create the skill set that will help you in all of your personal relationships–and every other area of your life!

  4. Will you guide me on how I can meet singles online and more naturally in and around my city?

    Yes and yes! When you invest in the “FINDING FOREVER” package, you’ll receive a full virtual coaching session dedicated to dating profile creation and s coaching session where you’ll learn how to attract quality over quantity online and help you show up confidently in your online dating app communication. During our coaching, I also help clients create a customized plan to expand their social circle so they are meeting people who are like-minded and share similar interests. As for in-person coaching, I have limited VIP upgrade options for in-person coaching sessions in Nashville, TN. This premium coaching experience is designed to focus on things like reading body language and understanding non-verbal communication and is available to local Nashville residents–or you’re free to fly from anywhere! Please book a Relationship Readiness Call if you’re interested in learning more.

  5. What happens if I discover I’m not yet ready to date again?

    When you book your FREE Relationship Readiness Call, I can help you figure this out. If we dive into this work and realize it’s not for you, I do offer other coaching programs that tackle specific mindset and intimacy issues designed specifically to get you ready to date again.

  6. Why is courtship so important?

    I’ll say it a million times: Courtship is everything, because the principles of courtship will help you do a few non-negotiable things, like get to know your partner at a much more appropriate pace, have actual, real dates where everyone feels respected and knows the ‘state’ of the relationship (without having to ask). And most of all, because the end result with courtship is always the same: a solid relationship built on mutual respect, quality communication, deep connection and real intimacy.

  7. What if I’m going through a breakup or if I end a relationship while we’re working together. Can you help me?

    Yes! I actually offer a package specifically for anyone grieving from a broken heart. (You can take a look here and see if you feel it fits you.) And don’t worry: If something happens while we’re already coaching, we will tailor our coaching to what you need most.

  8. What are your qualifications?

    Officially, I’m a certified dating expert, certified matchmaker and relationship coach. I also hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology. Unofficially, I have over 17 years experience with relationship dynamics. I also hold a facilitator license from Danielle Laporte to teach The Desire Map curriculum, focused on helping clients create goals with soul. (If you’re interested, we can incorporate Desire Map curriculum into your coaching experience and you’ll learn how to create both career and relationship goals, so you fully understand how you desire to feel within your romantic relationship–and in every other area of life. Have questions about this? Let’s talk about it on your Relationship Readiness Call!)
    Oh, and I can’t leave this out: I have the actual, in-the-trenches experience that proves that what I teach works–for myself and my clients. To date, I’ve worked with countless clients–both female and male–from around the country and watched them experience incredible shifts in how they view themselves, their relationships and the world.

  9. How do I really  know this program is right for me?

    This program is specifically designed for high-achieving single women and men who are ready and looking for a long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently dating or haven’t been on an awkward first date in years, if lasting love and a remarkable relationship (marriage) is your goal, this program is for you.

  10. What if I have more questions?
    Just book your FREE, private Relationship Readiness Call right here and I promise I’ll do my best to help you figure it out!