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“Single and over it" for brilliant women ready for forever love

Hello Soulful Single,

What if you were connected to a collective community of positive, supportive women just like you? Women with the same goal of finding forever love, who want to have each other's backs to never settle again, and this time around find their life partner, is that what you’re looking for? If you said YES, I can definitely help.

I know you’re oh-so-ready to finally find your forever person. You know in your heart it’s time. This program is designed move you to a place where you feel ready to shift your focus, thoughts, and actions toward attracting a remarkable man to love -and do life with- forever. I’ll introduce you to how I teach women to date based on their own values, morals, and in alignment with their desire for love that lasts a lifetime.

We go to school to learn how to read and write, but no one teaches us about dating and how to find and ultimately experience a happy and lasting relationship. Like achieving any major goal in life, without the right skills and proper support, our chances for success is very low.

This why I offer my Virtual Group Coaching Program called "SINGLE AND OVER IT". This a simple step-by-step program with a live group coaching experience that I've created with you in mind. Inside you’ll learn the dating skills to find and experience an amazing relationship. Live group coaching has the most success because you receive the support and community you need as well as the guidance from me, your personal Dating & Relationship Coach. I’ll be your personal mentor and cheerleader for love and mindset throughout your dating challenges and successes. 

You Deserve To Feel Confident In Your Ability To Attract An Amazing Man To Share Everything From The Happy Hours To The High-Top Kitchen Table.

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HI;-) I’m Laura Lee Wood- Certified Dating & courtship Expert, global love mentor, and founder of “nashville wingwoman”.


I’m a sweet-as-pie-but-tough-as-nails coach who teaches high-achievers like you how to create remarkable relationships and lasting love–even if you’ve been burnt before, always seem to attract the wrong partners or feel jaded by today’s casual dating scene. Basically? I’m on a one-woman mission to redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, so you can finally have the relationships you long for, built on mutual respect, quality communication, deep connection and real intimacy.

Over the last 17 years, I’ve learned everything there is to learn about love–from studying to earn a psychology degree to devouring "Undefended Love" (and every other book on love, relationships, attachment, and love languages you can name) to racking up four different certifications. I’ve worked as a featured dating and relationships expert on almost a dozen podcasts, several international coaching programs, Nashville news publications, and a regulator guest blog contributor to, and Medium. 

And I bring all my knowledge on relationship dynamics to the table to help my clients heal, date and do love differently. But I’m not just “book smart” on the subject–I’m living it, just like you. As a once-married, now-single and forever-high-achieving woman myself, I know what it’s like to date in 2019.  I know all about grey zones, swiping right and what it actually means to “Netflix and chill.” And, I intimately know what it feels like to have your heart broken and shattered into a million pieces and exactly how healing my heart taught me how to truly love again- and call in the love of my life.

I know the struggles and demands of balancing a successful career and a love life.  And I understand what it takes to create space for the love, companionship and intimacy we deeply desire. And I know it isn’t always easy–due to our responsibilities, today’s culture and sometimes, our  own pasts. Speaking of the past, the truth is, mine hasn’t exactly been a fairytale. Over the last few years, I’ve transformed from a soul-broken lawyer who was barely able to love to living a life with a totally open heart. And, this is only the beginning of creating epic love in my life and in the lives of my clients. Learn more about my story, my why, and what lights my soul on fire on the ABOUT page.

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Let’s start here. Tell Me.  Are You Maybe...

Still in love with a man from your past or deeply wounded by a past relationship?

Hanging on for a miracle that he'll wake up and realize he's madly in love with you?

Feeling badly hurt by a man you dated because he disappeared without explanation?

Looking for freedom from the sadness, betrayal and the pain of a former lover–or lovers?

Struggling to open yourself up to love after a string of bad breakups?

Secretly convinced you’re unlovable, too complicated or too complex?

Afraid to show people who you really are because you’ve been let down so many times?

Wonder when (if ever) you’ll get over him and be open to finding true, lasting love?

If so, I completely understand. If you’re like most of the single women I coach, you used to wear your heart on your sleeve...until you had it broken more than once. Now, learning to trust again so you can love with an open heart may feel impossible in this moment, but I assure you that you can find the forever love you so deeply desire with the right guidance, faith in the process of healing, willingness to use courtship to create a committed relationship and by giving yourself permission to let your guard down to receive love again.

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Have old dating experiences left you asking any of these questions? 

“I haven’t dated in two years. I’m ready but where do I start?”

“Why is this all so hard? Was it always like this?”

“Am I ever going to find THE ONE?”

And, now you can’t help but think things like…

“Am I even worthy of love?”

“Why do I feel invisible to men?”

If these sound familiar, I want you to ask yourself one question...

Are you willing to take a look at these old beliefs and create a new perspective that supports you in confidently opening your heart again on your journey to find forever love?

If you're ready, then it’s time to…

  • Stop denying yourself the love (and passionate intimacy) – and the other connections– you deserve and desire AND

  • Learn how to slowly let your guard down so you can open up your heart to love yourself, your life, and falling in love again with The Forever One

You’ve Worked Hard To Get Where You Are. And You Just Want A Man Who Can See That, Respect That, And Love You For That. am i right?

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How very different will your dating and relationship journey feel like when you: 

  • Identify your romantic stumbling blocks and learn how to eliminate the behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that are keeping you single

  • Learn to minimize your insecurities and fears of rejection by fully stepping into the shoes of a confident woman who truly knows she is deserving and worthy of forever love and a remarkable relationship 

  • Understand how to date as an empowered feminine woman by being assertive about your own desires for and your needs within a committed relationship

  • Have clarity of what traits you desire in your forever man, what a fulfilling relationship means to you, and how to attract your ideal partner by being true to yourself and your desires for love

  • Create an online dating profile designed to attract the kind of man you desire to meet, date, and someday even marry as well as understand how to keep conversations alive until you actually meet in real life

  • Develop the skills to create deeper intimacy and emotional connections through honest communication, a willingness to be vulnerable, and an openness to fully trust yourself as well as your forever one

  • Implement courtship principles to create a strong foundation for a committed relationship built to last a lifetime

When You Date From A Place Of Mutual Respect, Honest Communication, And Openness To Create A Deeply Intimate Connection, You Change Not Only Who You Attract, But The Caliber Of Relationship Depth You Can Create.

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you are invited to join the “SINGLE AND OVER IT” 6-Week Program


I invite you to join “Single and Over It” group coaching program designed to provide you with a live weekly virtual video training group call with live Q&A and live coaching as well as a weekly live “speed dating” coaching group call. During our coaching calls, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how the step-by-step “Single and Over It” program can be implemented to help you find your forever love. In addition, you’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group with the incredible women actively enrolled in this program who are single and so over it too. Finally, you’ll receive access to a new module every week through the online portion of the course. This program is designed for a small group of soulful single women who desire to create joy on the journey to find forever love.


12 GROUP COACHING CALLS OVER 6 WEEKS (see schedule below)




As a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator by Danielle LaPorte, I’m offering exclusive access to a two-hour “Free & Clear“ Workshop designed to help you re-set so you can restart fresh. This is a guided experience to clear your head so you can make some great plans for love and life. (Valued at $299)

*My Signature Online Dating Profile Makeover Online Course- Perfect for you if you are: single and over it, clear on your desires for a lasting relationship, ready to find forever love with a remarkable man, using online dating and desire higher quality matches, willing to make a time investment to find your last "first kiss", open to learning how to create a deeper connection using courtship, understand that you have the power to transform your relationships and your life, and tired of feeling stuck in cycle of wasting time, money, & energy with casual dating (Value $99)

At this point, you have two options:

Option #1:  You can keep wishing on a prayer that your prince charming will ride in on a white horse ONE DAY. You can continue to wonder why you haven't found your lasting love and watch all of your friends find the man of their dreams, get married and ride off into the sunset leaving you in the dust.

Option #2:  You can SAY YES to yourself. You can SAY YES to finding your forever love. You can SAY YES to "SINGLE AND OVER IT"

Now, It’s Time For You To Truly Be Seen And Date Confidently Believing That You Can Attract The “One” To Love -And Do Life With- Forever.

INVESTMENT OPTIONS (save $300 in september)

ONE-TIME INVESTMENT OF $699 or six installments of $130/week


As a VIP, you’ll receive daily support from you own personal wingwoman via Voxer voice messaging and texting in real time for frequent feedback. As a VIP, you’ll also receive two private virtual 45-minutes coaching sessions with Laura (Valued at over $500)


MODULE 1: HEALING THE PAST + digging into what's causing you to fall for the wrong guys, fear getting back into the dating scene, or experiencing the same old patters over and over again in every relationship. No more playing dating games or decoding the mystery of whether a guy is interested in you for the right reasons. This is all about reclaiming your CONFIDENCE.

MODULE 2: DEFINING YOUR DESIRES  Have clarity on what traits you desire in a man, what a fulfilling relationship means to you, and how to attract your ideal partner by being true to yourself and your desires for love. No more settling for just good enough when you know you deserve the best.

MODULE 3: INSTALLING NEW DATING HABITS Understand how to date as an empowered feminine woman who knows she is worthy and deserving of forever love (rather than feeling insecure or worrying about the fear of rejection) while also being assertive about your own desires for and needs within a relationship. Learn how to better balance your pacing in dating and how to keep yourself from becoming obsessed about messages and what they mean as well as understand how to handle his ghosting behaviors (and how to respond to it like a woman who is confident she deserves better).

MODULE 4: MASTERING ONLINE DATING  Create an online dating profile designed to attract the kind of man you desire to meet, date, and someday even marry as well as understand how to keep conversations alive until you actually meet in real life. Learn what information to share in these initial conversations, what signs to look for to determine if he’s actually interested in investing in a relationship, and how to be assertive in telling a man you’re available if he would like to plan a date that you both would enjoy.

MODULE 5: NAVIGATING CONVERSATIONS Learn how to create deeper intimacy and emotional connections through open and honest communication to build trust and a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. No more wondering how he actually feels about you and whether he sees a future in this relationship because you have the confidence and assertiveness to boldly engage in the conversation so you can make decisions about investing in him.

MODULE 6: THE CORE ELEMENTS OF A REMARKABLE RELATIONSHIP –I call them the four C’s: commitment, courtship, communication and connection–and I’ll introduce to you how I teach singles a different way to date based on your own values, morals, and in alignment with your desire for love that lasts a lifetime (and not a night time).



On Sundays, you’ll receive training about each weekly module from the online course as well as live coaching to take the topics deeper and also to receive guidance on how to implement the content you’re learning with confidence.   

On Wednesdays, you’re invited to join our weekly Speed Dating Coaching sessions where you’ll receive live coaching and open Q&A all things love, relationships, dating, intimacy, spirituality, femininity, courtship, and finding lasting love.  


Honestly, All You Really Need Is The Knowledge And Know-How In Order To Recognize Your High Value In A Lasting Relationship....And Then SHOW It Proudly in a way that’s True To Who You Are And Your Desires To Find Forever Love.

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“When I came to Laura, I suffered from low self confidence, lack of direction and was very overwhelmed. I wanted a trusted adviser to guide me through the process of rediscovering myself, but I didn’t know where and how to begin. From our very first conversation, Laura’s energy and charisma, wisdom, passion and love for others was very clear. She brings strong guidance, gentle accountability and deep awareness to every session. Laura helped me find clarity on where I truly want to be and who I truly am, provided daily exercises to help me progress, plus accountability and fast moving results. I felt so supported because we always had an open line of communication and Laura was full of not only support, but rich resources and recommendations. Today, I have a new perspective and openness to my heart’s true desires. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and leveling up that has opened up growth in every area of my life. I can feel my life taking off and it's from the truest place in my heart! I 'can’t recommend Laura enough!” - Valerie

“As soon as I hopped on a free consultation with Laura, I knew from that moment on she was the person that would help me get out of this relationship funk. And not just romantic relationships but personal relationships with my family and my friends, too. Laura has truly helped me see things a different way and I have grown and become stronger because of her. Even better, she’s had experiences in her life and could really relate to me. I would say my most grateful use of the time I had with Laura over the three months we work together was the fact that she was so responsive to text messaging. I felt like she was there with me in the moments I was having, like my own personal wingwoman on speed dial. That made all the difference in the world.” – Lucy

“When I first spoke with Laura, I was fearful, overwhelmed, and distrusting of my own self because of the traumatic divorce I had gone through four years prior. I still had so much fear, I was completely out of touch with my heart and unable to admit to myself what my heart even wanted.  Laura was a beautiful voice of reason and a strong hand to hold through both admitting to myself what had happened and identifying what my heart wanted now. She also taught me the tools I needed to continue our work even after our sessions were complete.  Because I learned to trust myself again and now know what my hearts true desires are, I was able to create a very beautiful relationship with an amazing man!!  With confidence to communicate and trust in myself, life has actually been more fun and satisfying than I ever experience in my past. I am now grateful for my past and excited about my future!  Thank you, Laura, for helping me find my way!” – Maggie

“Navigating the dating world is difficult and bouncing ideas or getting feedback from your girlfriends can occasionally be a good thing, but sometimes it’s essential to have an unbiased outlook from a professional. In the first 10 minutes of speaking with Laura, I knew she was really listening. She asked the most poignant questions to get to know me quickly. Laura helped me understand the psychology of a single man’s way of being and then asked incredibly insightful questions so I could learn how to use my softer feminine touch to communicate my needs more clearly while creating a deeper, more intimate connection with him.  From our very first conversation, I know that she truly understood who I was, what I was made of and what task I was capable of working on. She gave me the strength and helped me find the wording to talk to my boyfriend. Because of her, my relationship is stronger than ever!”- Leigh