From Fear to Falling in Love

About two months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across the most beautiful woman and man holding hands on a luxury vacation. She was wearing a beautiful white dress and he was in a white suit. Their smiles were radiant and you could see the love in their eyes.

This elegant woman was also a former client of mine, so I followed up to celebrate her for opening her heart up to experience love and intimacy at the deepest level. She shared with me that even their fights are the most beautiful thing because she is fully open to sharing herself with him so that they can grow closer together spiritually and further deepen the intimacy they share.

I asked her to share what life has been like since we last spoke and these are her words: "When I first spoke with Laura, I was fearful, overwhelmed, and untrusting of my own self because of the traumatic divorce I had gone through 4 years earlier. I still had so much fear, I was completely out of touch with my heart and unable to admit to myself what my heart even wanted. Laura was a beautiful voice of reason and a strong hand to hold through both admitting to myself what had happened and identifying what my heart wanted now. She also taught me the tools I needed to continue our work even after our sessions were complete. Because I learned to trust myself again and now know what my hearts true desires are I was able to create a very beautiful relationship with an amazing man!!! With confidence to communicate and trust in myself, life has actually been more fun and satisfying than I ever experience in my past. I am now grateful for my past and excited about my future. Thank you Laura for helping me find my way!!!" -Maggie

Today, I celebrate the relationship Maggie has created and her journey of healing so she could open up to loving again. My heart is full of love and total joy for her.

Laura Wood