The Journey Of Healing Brokenness

In early 2018, my world was rocked by a major medical event that triggered a change in my life that I will forever be grateful for.  I didn't realize at the time that this experience would crack open my soul to really see what beliefs had been impacting my own life in every way.  

In the days and weeks that followed, the fear of another health crisis deepened, and it continued to consume my thoughts. I experienced the feeling and belief of my own brokenness on a profoundly deep level. My body was broken. My mind was broken. And, my soul felt empty. Therefore, I believed I was broken. And, when I felt broken, I also believed I was too complicated, complex, and too sick to attract the life and love I desired. 

I had never realized how pervasive this brokenness belief was within me, but it became clear how this belief had been impacting my business, my personal life, and my relationships with friends and family as well as my romantic, intimate relationships. This belief had blocked clients, relationships, romances, and my ability to experience pure joy. This belief can rob you of love, joy, happiness, connection, intimacy and bonding if you allow it do so.

Upon uncovering this negative belief, I immersed myself in spiritual teaching, prayer, meditation, and journaling. I declared that I had allowed my brokenness and profound fear to run my life long enough and I was committed to changing this belief once and for all. I found great peace in reading spiritual books about miracles and in learning about how powerful our mindset can really be in healing. I called on mentors, coaches, and spiritual teachers for guidance. 

I believed and knew from the teachings I had received that I had the power to shift my mindset and heal the brokenness within me so I could experience more love and less fear. As my mind and body grew stronger, I found myself in a state of gratitude every day, all day. Most importantly, I learned to replace my deepest fears with love, compassion, grace, and gratitude.  And, my perception of my world through a more loving lens has given me a peace that words simply cannot describe. 

During my own healing, I discovered a powerful calling for deeper work with clients to help them heal beliefs of brokenness and master their own mindset to create and attract the love that they desire. As I prayed and meditated for guidance, I kept receiving the same answers over and over that I needed to create a program for single men and women that allowed them to create transformation from within to truly attract the love and the right relationship that they deeply desire. 

And, here's where it get's really interesting... It seems almost as if my own struggle was a divine assignment for me to complete so I could embrace the next steps in my business. While I was focusing on deep spiritual and mindset work, I began receiving requests from other coaches, entrepreneurs, and podcast hosts to speak on the topic of the power of the mindset for successful dating. It was perfect timing and I took it as a confirmation that it was time to take my coaching practice deeper into the world of transformational mindset coaching. 

What I’ve learned is that when you're willing to take a look at your own brokenness, you become open to healing that pain which allows you to experience receiving, giving, and sharing love. It sets you free from your beliefs of brokenness. Simply stated, it allows you to open your heart up for love again! 

I imagine if you are still reading this that what I have shared resonates with you. I know I've heard this same belief from many of my own clients before as their conclusion for why they were still single. But, it's more than just a belief... It has the power to impact every area of your life, thus, robbing you of the love and relationship you deeply desire. 

I share my story to inspire others. I strive to model transparency for my clients and allow my lessons to strengthen my abilities as a coach so I can serve my clients in a more powerful way. This experience has had a profound impact on my life and has provided divine guidance for my business, my personal life, and the way I bring love into my community and the world. 

It's time to start healing so you can begin living and loving in a deeply connected way. If you deeply desire to attract love, join me in healing old beliefs so you can open yourself up to receive love into your life. 

XOXO, Laura Lee Wood

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Laura Wood