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Laura Lee Wood, Certified Dating Expert and Relationship Coach


 Who am I? 

Hello. I am Laura Lee Wood, certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker. My background before attending law school was in psychology, and I have over 17 years of experience working with various relationship dynamics. After a ten-year career practicing family law, criminal defense, and criminal prosecution, I created a coaching company to help singles attract LOVE by unlocking the power of courtship and learning how to speak the language of love. Specifically, I help my clients develop a mindset for dating success, learn to communicate in ways that create deep connection, and embrace a well-respected, more traditional approach to attracting love one date night at a time. Learn more about my media appearances, guest expert interviews, and certifications by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. 

Why relationship coaching for high-achievers? 

Creating success has its perks but also its sacrifices. Looking back on my days as a litigator, I recognize that I had disconnected from my intuition and struggled to really connect on a deep emotional level. Here's why... I compartmentalized everything in my life, including my childhood,  career, marriage, parenting, and divorce. In the courtroom, you can't show any emotion, and I think as a way of surviving the darkness of the world I worked in that I had learned to block experiencing emotions all together. But, by blocking what I could experience in the courtroom, I also limited what I could experience in my life outside of the courtroom. As a result, I rarely experienced joy or true happiness. I struggled to feel truly connected in my friendships and in my intimate relationships. I had no idea how to allow myself to be vulnerable with anyone. But, at least I had a place to start and I deeply desired to attract love into my life, and, as a result, it also lead to a career in the love business. 

By working with my own coach, I discovered a new way of experiencing life and love. Through coaching, I began to perceive the world differently. Instead of needing to be guarded, private, and "perfect", I discovered how to open myself up to loving my imperfect life and also to falling in love again. When I allowed myself the gift of experiencing deep love and passionate intimacy, I experienced feeling deeply connected not only in my personal relationships but in every area of my life. I know the struggles and demands of a successful career. I also understand what it takes to create space for the love, companionship, and intimacy we deeply desire. And, if attracting love is a priority, you are in the right place. 

Through my work as a relationship coach, I help clients learn how to embrace life and love in a way that helps them create feelings of deep connections in their own lives. Opening yourself up to love again often requires healing wounds from the past. The process begins with discovering old beliefs, dating patterns, and old relationships that need closure. The result of clearing out the old is making room for the new and welcoming in the love you desire.  

The more clarity you have about what you desire to attract, the less distracted you will be by the "wrong" matches that will never give you the love and relationship you deeply desire. I guide my clients in discovering what they really desire and how to communicate that desire. I guide my clients to help them create deep emotional connections in their personal lives that establish the foundation of a healthy relationship based on trust, respect, and clear communication. 

Why  do you teach traditional courtship?  

After my divorce, I was thrown into the dating culture of hanging out, hooking up, and casual dating. Let's say that I didn't tolerate the casualness for very long. I had a very traditional courtship before my marriage and even though I was divorced, I believed that there had to be a more respectful way of dating! Hence, my adoption of traditional courtship principles in my own dating life and then teaching singles to do the same. Even in a world where we have unlimited matches through online dating, single men and single women come to me frustrated, lonely, and feeling easily replaced. The solution I offer is adoption of a more traditional courtship. The type of courtship that is based on respect and builds trust.  The type of courtship that encourages communication, openness, connection, vulnerability, and being totally real. And, true courtship  eliminates the "gray zone" of confusion about whether you're actually dating someone. I teach my clients to step up and claim their desires for love and a lasting relationship by following a more traditional dating path. When you date from a place of respect and honesty, you transform not only who you attract into your life but also the caliber of relationship you can create. 

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Do you realize your dating style is a direct reflection of your values, beliefs, and desires? 

Are you ready to unlock the power of courtship and the language of love?

I want to personally invite you to schedule a  "Dating Style Assessment" to discover 5 ways your dating style could be holding you back from attracting the love and relationship you desire.  And, I will share with you the number one thing you need to do to move forward toward achieving your relationship goals. This assessment is 20-minutes long and is conducted privately using video or audio conference.  



My mission is to help singles create space for their deepest desires of love, companionship, and life-long partnership. I have had the honor of being featured as a dating and relationship expert on a wide range of podcasts including men's fashion, divorce recovery, personal transformation, and female entrepreneurship, among others. I have also served as a dating mindset and traditional courtship expert for several international coaching programs. Finally, I am a member of the Dreams Recycled divorce coaching team and also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator to help clients connect to their desires in both their professional and personal lives. 

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