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I’m celebrating what an honor it was to be invited and featured by #BEYOUROWN. Click the button below to read the full interview.

Click on image above to watch the video featuring dating expert Laura Lee Wood and WSMV Reporter Desiree Wiley.

Click on image above to watch the video featuring dating expert Laura Lee Wood and WSMV Reporter Desiree Wiley.

Certified Dating Expert & Matchmaker Laura Lee Wood shares advice for singles on Valentine's Day in Nashville

I'm celebrating this morning and I wanted to share the latest interview with Reporter Desiree Wiley with WSMV News that aired this morning on Valentine's Day in the morning news. One topic discussed was dating safety and I offered insights on how to be safe on first dates and a summary of my suggestions are below from WSMV. To watch the news segment and read the summary, click on the photo.

"I highly recommend that you provide a friend with a photo of the person you're going out with, a copy of their profile, the address of where you're meeting them. Especially women, obviously, I always want to make sure they're making sure at least one other person knows where they're going," She also says turn on your GPS tracker and share your location with someone. Wood also recommends taking an Uber and leaving separately.” Laura Lee Wood said.

Much appreciation for Desiree and WSMV News 4 in Nashville for featuring me as Nashville's Dating Expert this morning to talk about the importance of first dates, how to define a real date in courtship, dating safety, and other date night guidelines (including the two drink limit). This short clip is full of solid advice for successful singles as well as guidance for Nashville singles navigating the modern dating scene.

The 2019 Love Breakthrough Virtual Retreat Event

I had the opportunity to speak at the 2019 "Love Breakthrough Virtual Retreat". This event was hosted by Breakup Coach Peta April Woolan and featured 14 love experts from all over the world. My area of expertise for this retreat focused on guiding women to successfully use the courtship phase to create the foundation for a lasting relationship based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. This interview isn't your average conversation about dating. It goes much deeper into how we relate to what we deserve and are worthy of in a relationship and how courtship is key in finding lasting love and in creating a truly remarkable relationship. Below is an overview of my interview topic which focused on answering three essential questions to address why courtship is so important and how to use it to help you find the kind of forever love you deeply desire.


Here's what you'll learn from this interview:

- The ideal courtship model to build the foundations of a lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect

- How to have the “Are we in a relationship?" and other important conversations to create deeper connection

- Communication and boundaries, establishing self worth and value during the dating phase

If you're ready to find forever love, this in-depth interview is for you. In the modern dating world, navigating the early stages and creating connection and mutual trust and investment is one of the biggest challenges we face in this casual 'laissez-faire' dating culture. This interview will provide you with tools, guidance, and expert guidance on how to more successfully navigate the dating scene by using more courtship principles to find forever love.

The 2019 LuvTalk Love Summit: Find Your Soulmate was designed for singles who wanted advice and guidance from experts in the love business. The wide range of topics includes how to find your forever love, how to create a committed long-term relationship, how to find love in less than 60 days, how to use courtship to find forever love, and how to get your confidence back in the dating scene among other topics related to love, dating, and relationships. I was featured as the guest expert on how to use courtship to create a truly remarkable relationship. Watch this ten minute interview to discover the 5 pillars that I teach my clients to help guide them from courtship to commitment. These include clarity, courtship, connection, communication, and commitment.



Womanly Art of Leadership Podcast Episode with Host Helen Fitness

I am honored to have been a part of the "Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions" with Host Helen Fitness, Coach for Corporate Women. Make sure you catch this podcast interview for love advice for successful corporate women. Click on image to listen to the podcast. During this interview, the idea of dating and the struggle to make connections is a topic that sparked a deep discussion. Because in the modern of dating era, the connections we create seem so superficial to so many of my clients. In fact, the number one complaint I hear on this topic is, "I can't seem to find anyone who is like-minded. Or who I would consider an equal. A person that understands where I am in my career, success level, they share the same."

These are all valid points. But, what if I told you that you can be as successful in love and you are in life... You CAN create success in both areas of life with a little guidance and a different way to experience dating using the art of communication and connection to create lasting, true love.

Link to listen >


Transforming Your Romantic Relationships

In this podcast interview with my dear friend and respected colleague Rachel Goodman Burch, we cover how to transform your romantic relationships. Her podcast, The Transformation Maven, is intimate, deep, and incredibly inspiring. I am truly honored to be a part of her podcast series on creating true transformation in your life. This interview features the most intimate moments of my life, my career, and why I believe in passionately living a life of love, intimacy, and deep connections. Episode #5 is a short yet powerful episode full of advice for the single ladies who are looking for lasting love, like the "forever kind" of love. Link to Listen >

Dating vs. Courting: How to Let a Guy Known You’re Interested in More

In this QueenConvo interview, the Host Kimberly Spencer and Guest Expert Laura Lee Wood dive into traditional courtship in the modern dating era, rocky relationships, matchmaking know-how, and all that’s in between.

In a world where the rules of relationships and dating can be hard to navigate for women, this QueenConvo with Certified Dating Expert & Relationship Coach Laura Lee Wood and host Kimberly Spencer of “Crown Yourself” break it down. This interview will distinguish the differences between modern courting and casual dating. Most importantly, this interview will explain how to use a modern courtship model to create truly remarkable relationships and lifelong commitment.

Single in Music City- Navigating the Dating Scene of Nashville, Tennessee with Andrew Woodson

Laura’s Story “Lawyer-turned-love-coach”

Laura Lee Wood is a  certified dating expert,  relationship coach, and certified  matchmaker who helps sexy, smart, successful singles (and couples) create remarkable relationships and redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, one real date at a time. A lawyer-turned-love-coach with Southern charm (and a tough-as-nails-yet-sweet-as-pie approach to coaching), Laura practiced law for over a decade before she made the transition  into dating, love and relationship coaching for high-achievers. Touting a degree in psychology and over 17 years of experience working with various relationship dynamics, Laura serves as a member of the Dreams Recycled divorce coaching team and is also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator who’s able to help clients connect to their desires–in both their professional and personal lives. She’s been a featured as a dating and relationship expert on a wide range of podcasts including men's fashion, courtship, success mindset, divorce recovery, personal transformation and female entrepreneurship, among others. A firm believer that you can have both career success and success in love, her signature program  "The Art of Finding Forever Love” helps sophisticated, high-achieving single women do the deep work required to heal from the past and ind a remarkable man to love -and do life with- forever.

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